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  • it has soothing effects on the skin and naturally prevents the growth of bacteria. It acts as a moisture barrier on the skin and keeps the wool in good condition.

  • used as a base for ointments and creams, as a lubricant, and to preserve excellent condition of the skin. It is also a component of some varnishes and paints. Lanolin is made from a mixture of cholesterol and esters of several fatty acids. It forms an emulsion with water.

  • Lanolin is a special detergent that protects your laundry made of natural wool, natural hair, knitwear, delicate fabrics, bedding, blankets, curtains or warm rheumatic aids and more.

  • This detergent, thanks to the lanolin content, cleanses gently and thoroughly, does not change the shape or color of your laundry, and also disinfects and lightens the laundry. Lanolin is a gentle PH value for your skin that protects your hands and your fabrics.


Lanolin does not contain phosphates and is environmentally friendly. Bottle content 1 liter.

Instructions for use: Soak up the laundry with the detergent and leave it for 10-30 minutes. (depends on dirtiness), then rinse with water at max. 30 °C

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