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Warm slippers for your feet

Warm slippers for your feet

Winter time is coming, which is beautiful, but it can also be very cold. However, we can still enjoy the view from behind a window, in the comfort of home with warm slippers.

Why choose slippers with sheep wool? There are several reasons, the main being the amazing care that sheep wool provides us. Just look at the pasture, where the sheep graze happily even when the temperatures outside are below zero. They are not cold wonderful to this amazing natural material, which creates amazing warmth, and even during the deepest freeze the cold won't reach your feet in warm wool socks and slippers.

Another very important feature of sheep wool is its antibacterial properties, thanks to which maintenance does not have to be a concern, because bacteria and mites do not accumulate in the wool or multiply. Therefore, there is no need to wash wool slippers, just let them ventilate in the fresh air from time to time.

Watch our video in which we will show you what types of slippers and winter boots you will find with us, what occasions they are suitable for, and we will also show you our news and convenient gift tips.


1. Zlín production slippers - "Tom" and "Marie"

2. Leather slippers with sheel wool

3. Soft wool slippers

4. Wedge slippers

5. TV slipper boots

6. Non-skid slippers

7. "Salašky" slippers 

8. "Válenky" winter boots

9. Outdoor winter boots

10. Sets of slippers for guests + foot warmers

Warm slippers for your feet


You will find several different types and styles of comfortable slippers with sheep wool at Woolville, so we believe that everyone will find their own. Very popular among our customers are our Zlín produced slippers "Marie" for women and "Tom" for men. The highest quality materials are used here, so they will last you a really long time. The big advantage is that they have a lot of space in front, so they are suitable for people with high insteps. Another similar but more affordable variant are leather slippers, which we also have in women's and men's versions.

If you prefer something other than leather slippers, you can choose some of our felt slippers, which come in a variety of patterns suitable for everyone. For lovers of softest wooly slippers, we have wool slippers in various colors, and are also available in an open-toe version. For ladies who have problems with swelling of their feet, we recommend wedge slippers, which, thanks to an appealing design, you can also use, for example, to wear during work at your desk.


Our most popular and best-selling products in this category include TV slipper boots, which are also a very popular Christmas gift. It's because they can easily fit anyone, because they are quite versatile and each size fits two, sometimes up to three different foot sizes. They are very warm and soft, ideal for winter lounging on the sofa.

A very popular category, especially with our older generation, are anti-skid slippers, which have a higher ankle collar with velcro, as well as a low-cut slip on version. Thanks to their shape, they can be easily put on and fit even people with wider feet or those with a higher instep.

New for the 2020 season are our beautiful "Salašky" slippers, which get their name from the Moravian word for a small mountain cabin, salaška. They are perfectly designed to keep your feet warm when you spent time at such a cabin. Their beauty mainly comes from the brushed leather surface. You will find them in two universal colors suitable for both women and men.

Warm slippers for your feet
Warm slippers for your feet


For many years, the classic "pensioner" felt winter boots have been very popular. Some of you may know them from your grandmother, who spent almost the whole year in them or perhaps you wore them in your youth, back when they were a big hit. Today, they boast a light anti-skid sole and warm sheep wool padding. They are suitable for wearing both indoors and outdoors.

Another, slightly more modern variant is our "Válenky" sheepskin winter boots which are also very comfortable and have a bit of style. Together with winter ankle boots, they are suitable for dry winter conditions, because they have a fabric upper that is not suitable for wearing in rainy weather.

This season we have prepared new products for you, some nice suede shoes in brown, in two styles. In both styles, they have sheep wool insdie and faux fur adorns the ankles. The "Lucie" style has the fur around the entire  ankle, and "Bara" only at the front, which, however, creates a very nice modern look.

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