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Tips on gifts for your loved ones

Often we are puzzled by what to gift our loved ones with something that they would like. Grandmothers, grandfathers or our moms and dads say they don't need anything. But you will make them happy with every gift given out of love, and if it is also beneficial to health, it is all the better! Children and the elderly are particularly sensitive and prone to colds, so we should make sure they are warm and healthy. Sheep wool is one of the materials that is particularly exceptional in its properties, beneficial to health and, moreover, it is beautifully warm.

Because we at Woolville also want the best care for you and your loved ones, we bring you a few tips on gifts for seniors, women, men and our youngest children.


When we think about what are the most common activities of our elders, these often include sitting in front of the TV, shopping for groceries and going for walks. Therefore, one of our first tips is sheep wool vests, which your loved ones can take absolutely anywhere and use during any of these activities.

Our customer Iva wrote about her vest: "I bought a vest and it's great !!!"

We definitely recommend wool blankets for at home, which will perfectly warm up and you will find them in several sizes and thicknesses such as "1-ply" single-layer and double-layer "2-ply". Some types of blankets have cotton on one side and  others have wool on both sides. It is up to you which one you like the most and which will be most suitable for the recipient's household. We at Woolville recommend the Natural 2-ply blanket, which combination with the Natural pillow or the Camel pillow, to create an indispensable part of every household. But believe me, they will definitely be happy with any of our wool products.

Deka s ovečkou

Another tip is on footwear, which should be strong enough, durable and is suitable for use at home and for walking outdoors. One such product is our anti-skid slippers, which keep the foot firm on the ground and you will find them with, or without, wool lining and in several colors. If grandma prefers shoes with a raised heel, the ideal choice is wedge slippers, which our customers praise, because they are comfortable and equipped with  pleasantly warm sheep wool inside.

Mr. Tomáš wrote to us that at Woolville he bought slippers for his grandmother and slippers for his grandfather: "Both fit very well and my grandparents are excited. Grandma is so satisfied that she only takes off her slippers for sleeping."

You will certainly not be surprised that our most popular shoes are the "pensioner" felt boots that many wore during adolescence.

Our last tip is an ideal combination of a blanket and slippers and a foot warmer, which we now have in both brown and gray color.


Also, are men forever puzzled by what to buy for their children's mothers and wives, and are you afraid it won't suit her taste? Fortunately, there are products at Woolville that have high-value from their non-traditional functionality. Yes, we are talking about Merino sheep wool clothing, which can maintain an ideal body temperature, so it warms up beautifully in winter and wicks sweat away in summer. Such ideal clothing includes wool sweaters with beautiful patterns, hats or gloves.

No woman would refuse natural cosmetics and well-deserved relaxation, for example in a bath oil or a massage candle.

Another gift that will definitely please women are our winter boots. These include beautifully warm "Valenky" wool boots, which we now also have in two styles with a stylish golden color called "Lucie" and "Bára."

Mirka wrote us: "I haven't felt like taking off my winter boots at all this year."

As a suitable warm accessory for modern footwear, we recommend warm sheep wool insoles for shoes, which you can easily cut to size and form to your shoe. So ladies can use them in addition to sneakers and ballerinas.

However, if you would like to choose some house slippers, we recommend our sheep wool slippers "Marie", which are made in the Czech Republic and you can see their production in Zlín on our YouTube channel, where you will also find videos that discuss and show more of our other products.


doesAlso, do you often wonder what to buy men for Christmas after socks, underwear or cosmetics have been repeated year after year?

Try to be inspired by our tips on elastic orthoses, vests or wool slippers. Orthoses will be especially appreciated by those who suffer from knee, wrist or tennis elbow pain. Among the braces you will also find waist warming belts that help with back pain. Sheep wool vests will certainly help with this problem, as they warm the body well and, thanks to their multifunctional usability, men will certainly like them for all activities.

Marcel wrote: "My wife bought me a men's hooded vest, and another for my son, and they're great."

Is your husband a passionate athlete? Get him clothes made of great Merino wool, which absorbs odor and sweat. It is thermal underwear that should not be missing in the wardrobe. As well as a good sweater that can be used instead of a jacket in winter and combined with a  warm cap with a gore-tex membrane it can withstand even the most extreme conditions.

For great care and continued pleasant quality of these products, we recommend washing woolen clothes in a special means for wool - Lanolin.

Also, does your man struggle at night to overheating and sweating, and you have the opposite? Get him a wool quilt or grab a whole set - a sheet, a blanket and a pillow.

Mr. Ládík shared his experience: "Last year I bought a Supreme summer quilt. Outside at night temperatures were in the thirties and I covered up to my neck. And I slept like a  baby, cozy, dry, I didn't sweat under the covers. I also bought it for my daughter this year and loves it. "


One special category of gifts are for mothers and children. Whether for Christmas or for expectant mothers. At Woolville, we know how important it is for our children to grow up in the best environment, and we are reminded that bacteria will not accumulate or multiply in sheep's wool, it is a pure natural material and therefore it is suitable for the most sensitive individuals.

Babies will definitely enjoy our warm bunting bags, and mothers will certainly appreciate the baby nests, such as the multifunctional nest with a nursing pillow, which will take care of her with the greatest comfort and convenience. In combination with warm blankets for the baby, this is certainly the right choice to make.

Another hit are children's slippers made of sheep wool, specifically baby booties. For older children, we recommend wool ballerinas, which can also be match with their mother's, as we also have them in adult size. "

Ivana wrote: "The booties I ordered for my baby are great. The booties are absolutely amazing and perfectly warm."

A favorite gift for children are definitely toys, which include our knitted lamb Vlnka, which we have also improved with a heating pad version.

The greatest service for kids will certainly be from wool clothes, which will warm the children perfectly. You can choose from our shop, whether it is gloves, socks, hats, sweatshirts or thermal underwear or sweaters for older children.



Mrs. Lenka wrote to us: "Your baby blanket is an absolute hit in our family. Our little boy was born premature, so he had problems with thermoregulation. He loves being completely wrapped in his sheep blanket. The blanket immediately warms him up and Martínek is very satisfied. It has become part of all of our activities. Thank you.

As part of our broadcast, we have selected several popular products that can also be purchased for your family and friends as an unconventional gift that is sure to caress their body and soul.


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