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Keep calm and warm your feet

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The year 2021 has only just begun, but it is especially important now to protect satisfying warmth and health. The ideal solution is enough peace and comfort and to keep your feet warm. We at Woolville know that there is no better material than natural sheep wool that will provide a pleasant atmosphere and warmth that is extremely beneficial to health. There is nothing better than wearing warm slippers and letting them pamper you with pleasant sheep wool. Not only does it maintain an ideal body temperature, but it provides enough softness in every step and also grants the desired sense of luxury. Enjoy the wonderful warm feeling thanks to the combination of wool socks and sheep wool shoes.

The category of Woolville slippers is divided into a subcategories of slippers, carpet slippers and slipper boots, which don't not include the well-known "pensioner" felt boots and more modern "Valenky" sheepskin boots. Both these types of boots are a version of pleasant warm winter shoes that provide perfect protection from morning frosts. Choose the one that pampers your feet or look for inspiration among our customers most popula products below. 


zimní obuv s ovčí vlnou


One of the most popular products in our Woolville webshop is certainly the sheep wool shoe insole, which saves many feet from the cold and can also be adjusted to the size of the shoe.

One of the most popular products in the footwear category is certainly the "pensioner" felt boots mentioned above, which have been among the traditional shoes for decades. Here you can find them in both women's and men's versions. They have a non-slip sole and a warm wool lining. They are also quite wide in the ankle area, so they are suitable even for swollen feet.

The more modern and at the same time more popular footwear, especially among the younger generation, is the spacious "Valenky" boots with sheep wool. You will enjoy comfort in these winter boots, even if your feet are wider.

Do you prefer lower-cut shoes? You will love the elegant design of the golden-brown winter ankle boots - "Lucie" or "Bará" ankle boots with sheep wool. They differ in height. The slightly lower Bará is tighter in the ankle area due to an elastic band, so it is not suitable for swollen feet.


Papuče s ovčí vlnou

There is nothing better than relaxing comfortably at home in front of the fireplace or television. This activity should include TV slipper boots, which are guaranteed to be among the warmest of house shoes. They have been popular for years. Young and old alike enjoy the comfort of home in them. For babies, we call them booties. The small slippers keep the baby warm thanks to their durable, leather cover and sheep wool lining.


Last but not least, here are house shoes and slippers, and it’s a big category. There are several types, and most of them are suitable for people with swollen feet or those who have difficulty finding the right shoe. Our warm wool slippers have won the hearts, or rather the feet, of all ages. The most popular house shoes include, for example, open-toe wool slippers or new from the year 2020, the slipper sheos called "Salašky".

In 2020, we expanded our offer with felt slippers, including some lined with sheep wool, which were quickly liked by our customers. You can also find these slippers in the slippers category.


In 2020, our customers were amazed by year-round shoes that you won’t find anywhere. You may already be guessing that these are our popular wooden clogs, which we will be offering in 2021 with a number of new patterns and colors.

Among the novelties of 2020 were the popular slippers called "Trepky", which became popular mainly among young people. In addition, we produce these stylish slippers for you right here, under the Vlnka brand name of our company in Zlín.

In the spring of 2021, we have a lot of news for our customers, so we hope you stay with us and that you are looking forward to our news.


Produkty z ovčí vlny

Who wouldn't be happy to get something? We at Woolville are very happy to be able to give something to others, to make them happy. That is why we want to reward you for your loyalty and invite you to our family of Sheep. As a member of our Sheep Family, you can buy shoes and other products with a 5% discount. Among other things, you will appreciate the easy access to the system and the ability to return products quickly and easily. You can find these benefits for our Sheep Family at the link below.

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