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How to choose a suitable pillow?

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Pain in the cervical spine and neck muscles can have many different causes. Whether it is the result of incorrect posture, stress, fatigue, injury or illness. Here at Woolville you will find several aids to relieve these problems. The cervical spine is one of the busiest parts of the human body, and with it the amount of fine muscles that control and protect it. If we put excessive strain on these muscles by improper posture at work and other daily activities, it can overload them and result in pain and reduced mobility.


We spend a large part of our lives sleeping, so it is necessary to indulge in warmth and comfort even in rest. It is important to choose a suitable pillow. In our shop, you will find pillows of various sizes and shapes, but they have one thing in common. Sheep wool is a great material for bedding, because it can regulate body temperature well, absorb moisture from the skin, and is also suitable for allergy sufferers.

But how to choose the right height, firmness and shape of the pillow? Choosing the perfect pillow may seem like rocket science, but you just have to consider the way you sleep best. Start with what suits you on your current pillow and what you are missing from it.


We offer our anatomical pillow in two sizes, and its advantage is its special shaping. The depression in the middle of the pillow and firm edges are suitable as a support for the head and neck when sleeping on the back or side.


We also have an orthopedic pillow in two sizes. With a height of 8-15cm and a firm shape, it is ideal for sleeping on your side. The shape of the pillow with a cut-out for the shoulder ensures comfort and the correct position of the cervical spine throughout the night.


If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, it is best to choose a soft, thin pillow so that the head is not uncomfortably tilted and the spine can rest. For such cases, we recommend one of our wool pillows, which have less filling and are nicely soft.

If you are not sure about the choice of pillow, you can choose our zippered pillow. Thanks to the handy zipper on the side, you can easily reach the inner bag, which is filled with balls of hollow fiber, and you can easily remove enough filling so that the height of the pillow is exactly to your liking.


Not only at night, we can give our backs a cozy comfort. You can use other special types of pillows made of sheep wool as a support when sitting down or you can use a bolster pillow to support your head when reading on the sofa or in bed. When traveling for a long time, you will definitely appreciate the neck pillow, thanks to which you can sleep comfortably even in the seat of a bus or plane.


If you suffer from cervical spine pain regularly, reach for a sheep wool neckwarmer, which you can easily fasten with velcro and adjust its size as needed.


One of the most popular products in our shop are vests, which warm the whole back. The spine is connected to the rest of the body, and its health is affected by a variety of influences. A cold may seem like a triviality, but it easily causes pain in the back, shoulders, or cervical spine. A draft is very worrisome, and our woolen vests will protect you from it. Try one of the models that will protect your neck with a collar.


In case of acute problems with the spine or joints, the strength of nature can relieve us. With acute pain in the spine or joints, the force of nature can relieve our pain. Natural balms and ointments help to relax muscles and warm up joints thanks to herbs and massage during application.

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