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5 daily habits that protect nature and save money

21.04.21 15358x read


The date today is April 22 and we are celebrating the Earth Day. This day is meant to remind us how important it is to pay attention to nature in everyday life. So as a symbol of respect for nature, the owner of Woolville, Martin Bernátek, has planted a tree on behalf of our company. But it shouldn’t end with one tree. If we want to start doing something more for the environment today, we can start by changing our daily habits.


To cut down on plastic bottles, drink tap water instead. Buy a glass water bottle, which is a more environmentally friendly option and doesn’t release harmful chemicals if used repeatedly. You can take it with you to work every day and thus reduce the amount of plastic and waste. You don’t have to drink plain water – try adding flavour with lemon, grapefruit or seasonal fruit from the garden. And while keeping hydrated is important, don’t forget that after a long winter, your body needs some necessary vitamins.


Nowadays, almost everybody takes drinking water for granted and doesn’t give it a second thought. But water sources are not unlimited. Try and save water when showering, washing your hair and brushing your teeth, use only the amount you need. The same applies to cosmetics. Ideally, choose natural organic products and don’t waste them.

Unfortunately, drinking water is also largely used for flushing the toilet, so consider purchasing a water-saving flushing device that regulates the amount of water needed. It might not seem like much, but you will certainly see the difference on your water bill. Also, your garden need not be watered with tap water. You can use a well or collect rainwater in a barrel, your plants will thank you.


Make your body and the planet healthier by walking or cycling to work. After all, there is nothing like a bit of fresh air right in the morning. In winter, you just need to dress warmly and in summer you can enjoy the sun. If you need to travel a greater distance, use public transport, or at least carpool with family, friends or colleagues.


Because we humans produce a massive amount of waste that just keeps accumulating, the only solution to tackle the problem is to reduce consumption of materials that are not biodegradable or decompose slowly. Make separating waste at home a must. You can separate paper, plastics, glass, drink cartons, metal, electrical waste and food waste. Involve your children and make sorting waste a game, it will keep them entertained too. When shopping for food and household items, opt for natural materials which are safer for nature, rather than getting products made of synthetics.

Dřeváky z olšového dřeva


We are all surrounded by things we don't actually need. So, before you buy anything, think carefully about your new purchase – will it end up sitting in a corner, forgotten and covered with dust? To start with, you should have a good clear out and go through all your things. You can donate a lot of accessories, clothes or even furniture you no longer need to family, friends, charities or shelters. Once you have made room for something new, make sure you choose things made of good quality natural materials. They will last much longer.


And finally, we have some gardening wisdom from our grandmothers about natural pest control. We hope these tips will help you deal with problems you might face in the garden this spring.


Prevent damage from these garden pests by growing plants with a strong fragrance that deter slugs, such as lavender, thyme, wormwood, dill and garlic. If despite that some slugs still appear in your garden, try collecting them in a container and taking them away to a forest (they can travel up to 50 meters per night), or pour boiling water over them. The best time to go slug hunting is right after it has rained, as they will be out in droves.


If you enjoy home grown lettuce, cucumbers and other veggies, and don’t have a greenhouse, it is a good idea to protect them from hungry critters. Old nylon stockings and tights are perfect for this as they are stretchy and can be placed over the parts you intend to harvest. This way, the veggies will grow nicely without being munched by pesky little pests.


You can get rid of moles in a natural way. Just as slugs dislike strong smelling plants, moles are put off by yarrow and garlic. And if they do make themselves at home in your well-kept lawn, call the children to help. Moles don’t like noise, vibrations and bad smell. So let the kids have fun running around on the grass over the weekend and the little animals are bound to move out. If you don’t have children, take a tuft of hair or collect some dog hairs, put them in an old nylon stocking and insert directly into the mole hill. Moles have a really good sense of smell and hate the smell of hair, so they will move away and not return.

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