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A mother is the most important person in anyone’s life

01.05.21 12659x read


Mum, mummy, mumsy, mama, ma. Words like these are used to call women with a capital W to whom we owe our life and who give us love and care. So, today’s blog is dedicated to mothers. Being a mother is a full-time commitment, what is more, it is for life. One just cannot take time off. Mums look after their families, cook, clean and generally create that lovely warm feeling of home, often even when they are worn out themselves. That’s why they deserve our attention too, at least a little every day, both from their children as well as their partners.


Every mother is bound to appreciate if you thank her for the little things that she does which you often take for granted, whether it's housework, looking after the family or coming up with the best ideas for trips and gifts for everyone.

She will certainly like to hear you tell her how much you love her and show her your gratitude for the love and care she gives.

Once a week, you could prepare your mum breakfast or dinner. She will be even more surprised if you leave a loving message for her next to the plate or on the fridge.

Also, why not take over all her duties for a day, giving your mum time off just for herself? She most probably doesn't get enough of that and might like to use it to snuggle up in a nice blanket and read her favourite book, or to have a relaxing hot bath.

An unexpected hug and a kiss will make her happy too. Or how about surprising her with a small gift? You could get something for the house, or some warm clothes, such as a wool vest or sweater that she might appreciate at a barbecue or on a cold evening chatting with friends. 

Alternatively, you could organise a weekend for your mum in line with her wishes, just wait and see how excited she will be.

Similarly, try saying “yes” to everything one day. You might be surprised how things change and as a bonus, you could have an amazing adventure.

If your mum often says her feet hurt after a busy day, get her a pair of  soft orthopaedic shoes or leather insoles with gel cushioning. A soothing balm for tired legs can also help relieve aches and pains.

But the thing that every mum will be most grateful for is if you make time for her. When was the last time you asked her how she was and spent time chatting with her about life?


Why not begin on Mother’s Day? In our country, we traditionally celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May, this year it falls on May 9, 2021.

In the Czech Republic, mums usually receive small gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, pictures their children made in kindergarten, or massage and wellness vouchers. And because we have to do without experience days this year, how about you get an original gift like low-heel clogs in blossom design, perfect for summer, a soft wool throw or a pair of soft grey trainers suitable for any occasion. And if you prefer not to buy things, know that your mum will enjoy anything, especially if you take over her duties for a while and treat her to some much-needed time for herself.


❤ February 14 in Norway

❤ March 8 in Russia and Bulgaria

❤ March 14 in the UK and Ireland

❤ March 21 in North African Arab states

❤ May 2 in Hungary, Portugal, Romania and Spain

❤ May 9 in the Czech and Slovak Republics and in the USA

❤ May 30 in Sweden and France


In America, mothers are usually treated to breakfast in bed, they also get some presents, and not just from children. They can rest on this day, because the others take over all the household duties. Families traditionally go to restaurants and cafes so that mothers do not have to cook. In England, families often go to church and then gather around the table to enjoy a slice of traditional simnel cake. Early in the spring, children start to grow African violets in pots and make cards too. In France, children cook lunch for their mothers who also traditionally receive cards and small gifts on this day.


The origins date back to the ancient Greece where people worshipped the goddess Rey. She was the mother of all gods and a symbol of fertility. In the 16th century, a special “Mother's Day” was introduced. Everyone was given a day off work to visit their family. This day was the fourth Sunday of Lent before Easter. The only two countries that still celebrate Mother’s Day on this day are Ireland and the United Kingdom. In America, this day became popular thanks to Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, a woman who fought for women’s rights. In what was then Czechoslovakia, Mother’s Day began to be celebrated in 1923, thanks to the eldest daughter of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, Alice Masaryková.

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