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20 proven tips on why clogs are great

10.05.21 184714x read


Wondering why it's good to wear clogs? Are you hesitant to buy them? You don't have to be. Read our tips and benefits that come with wearing clogs and you may find that you just have to have them..


1. Because the clogs have a longitudinally shaped insole, they will provide your arch with the right support for healthy walking.

2. Clogs will satisfy even the demanding needs of people with high insteps.

3. The hardness and shape of the clogs will lead you to hold your spine properly when walking.

4. Thanks to the raised heel, you can reduce foot swelling.

5. The wider toe of the clogs provides enough space for the toes.

6. Hard and textured rubber sole protects you from slipping.

7. Because the outer part is patent leather, it will not let water through even if it gets wet unexpectedly.

8. Because the upper part of the clogs is made of leather, your feet can breathe freely.

9. With clogs, you don't have to bother putting on shoes. Just slip into them and you can head out right away.

10. Thanks to alder wood, clogs are lighter than ever before.

11. Clogs are made of natural materials.

12. Because our clogs come in single-colored, polka dot and flowered patterns, they are suitable for every outfit. You will definitely find your favorite color pattern.

13. Clogs are suitable for everyone. Whether you are a man or a woman, clogs are simply a must.

14. Clogs can be worn with trousers, shorts, but also with dresses or skirts.

15. Clogs are suitable for any occasion. You can use them indoors and outdoors: in the city, at the garden, for barbecues and also at the cottage.

16. Because clogs have been worn in past centuries, wearing them will revive familiar traditions.

17. Clogs are stylish and fahsion is important

18. The thickness of the wood will make you feel taller.

19. Wearing clogs will attract the attention of friends, but also strangers, who you will inspire.

20. And the best for last. Because clogs are made of quality and durable materials, they will last you for years.

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