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20 proven tips on why clogs are so great

10.05.21 255783x read


Wondering why it's good to wear clogs? Can’t make up your mind whether to buy a pair? This article might help you. Read about the benefits of wearing clogs and you may find that you just have to have them.


1. Clogs have an anatomically shaped footbed along its entire length which means they provide the correct support for your arches, ensuring healthy walking.

2. Clogs are perfect even for people with high arches.

3. The hard material and the design make you keep your spine in the correct position when walking.

4. The raised heel may reduce swelling.

5. The wide fit provides enough space for toes.

6. The solid textured rubber sole prevents slipping.

7. The patent leather material means water will not get through even when you get caught in a sudden shower.

8. The leather upper also means your feet can breathe.

9. Clogs are really quick to put on, just slip into them and head out.

10. Thanks to alder wood, they are lighter than ever before.

11. Clogs are made of natural materials.

12. Our clogs come in various designs, plain, polka dot and floral, so they go with any outfit. You are bound to find your favourite.

13. Clogs are great for anyone, man or woman, clogs are simply a must.

14. Clogs can be worn with trousers or shorts as well as with dresses or skirts.

15. Clogs are suitable for any occasion. You can use them indoors and outdoors: out in the town, in the garden, when having a barbecue, or when enjoying your weekend cottage.

16. Clogs have been around for centuries. By wearing them, you revive an age-old tradition.

17. Clogs are trendy and stylish.

18. The thick sole makes you feel taller.

19. Wearing clogs  attracts the attention of friends as well as strangers. You might inspire them.

20. And the best till last. Because clogs are made of high quality, durable materials, they can last you for many years.

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