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Do you also wake up in the summer and fight night sweats? That may change ...

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Do you remember how you felt after sleepless nights, when you woke up in the morning completely broken, frozen or sweaty? What kind of day did you have then? We don't think even three coffees would help a person. I order to have enough energy to manage work and all responsibilities, it is important to create a quality environment for healthy sleep and rest.


Did you know that in one's lifetime a person sleeps an average of 220,095 hours, which is 9,170 days?

That means we sleep less than a third of our lives, and that's a big part of our lives. Sleep is one of the few things that accompanies us all our lives, on a daily basis. We should pay more attention to it and give our body the peace and care it needs. Thanks to sleep, we relax both physically and mentally. It is important to follow a regular sleep pattern, ie fall asleep and get up at the same time. Not only during the working week, but also on weekends. Adults are advised to sleep 6 to 9 hours a day.

If you want to improve your sleep, take care to keep the room temperature around 18-20°C and definitely indulge in darkness by pulling the curtains and blinds. In addition, turn off all screens. The blue light shining on us from the electronics screens is harmful. It reduces the quality of sleep and delays the length of sleep. That is why it is advisable to completely avoid screens before going to bed.

And to fall asleep even faster, try to skip the "nap" during the day. In the evening you will go to sleep pleasantly tired. The whole process of falling asleep will also improve with the quality of your bedding, such as sheep's wool.


◉ We appreciate thermoregulation the most with sheep's wool. The properties of wool protect us from cooling down and, at the same time, from overheating. Which simply means that they help us maintain a constant body temperature, both on cold and hot days. Sheep wool bedding will be especially useful if you have a baby at home whose body does not yet maintain a constant temperature and is therefore prone to overheating or cooling down. For these little ones we have a baby blanket made of 100% Merino sheep wool. You can buy a children's wool bedding set for older children.

◉ Thanks to sheep wool bedding, you can put an end to night sweats, as Merino wool also absorbs excess moisture. Which you will especially appreciate in the summer months.

◉ Sheep wool blankets will come in handy, even if you are allergic, asthmatic, or have small children at home. This is mainly because mites, bacteria and dust do not get into the sheep's wool. And do you know why? The structure of the sheep's wool fiber has scales that prevent these uninvited guests from penetrating. Nature can just arrange it beautifully.

◉Blankets are also easy to maintain, you don't even have to wash them. Because sheep's wool contains lanolin, which protects the sheep from getting wet. Blankets made of this wool can be ventilated during use, so you don't have to wash them at all.

◉Most of our blankets are manufactured in the Czech Republic under the Vlnka brand, so by purchasing this blanket you will support Czech production.

◉ It is a one-time investment for a long time. Blankets can last you many years.

◉ By purchasing a wool blanket, you invest in a quality product and especially in your health.



If you can't afford blankets, we have good news for you. You can choose from several different types in several colors. 1-ply blankets, which are suitable for wrapping up on the couch for TV or sleeping instead of duvets, can be found in three different sizes, and in four colors: with sheep, which we also have in a size for children from 799 CZK, and cream, natural and brown from 1 399 CZK. These blankets are wonderful for summer and autumn days. For harsh winters, we recommend a two-layer blanket made of sheep wool.

A blanket that can also be used in the living room is a TV blanket, in which you can wrap from head to toe. And if you like simple elegance with functional advantages, then you may be interested in our Scandinavian wool throws, which can become a quality and warm decoration of your living room.

If you prefer blankets for sleeping, you can choose between a children's size 95x135 cm, a single size 135x200 cm, or if you like to sleep two under one duvet, then we also have a double size 220x200 cm for you. And that's not all, the blankets we have are divided into summer, winter and year-round, depending on what season you want to use them. These quilts are devided into two groups: Classic and Premium. Premium blankets are distinguished by a high-quality cotton cover and wool from young Merino sheep.


“Last year I bought a summer blanket and it is great. Outside during the day it was thirty and I covered up to my neck, and I slept like a baby. Pleasant, dry, I didn't sweat under it. This year I also bought it for my daughter and she loves it. When I mentioned it at work, my colleague wanted it too. Great deal, I already have a few things from them besides quilts."
Ladík April 2, 2020

"We have had sheep wool blankets at home for thirty years. We bought the latter in an extended length. They are warm in winter and pleasant in summer. "
Katka October 1, 2020

"We have a sheep blanket, I can't imagine it without it. Great for relaxation, with fatigue, pain and illness.


You can complete your bed set with a quality sheep wool pillow. We offer many types of pillows for sleeping, from traditional to anatomical, thanks to which you can sleep without pain on your back and side. If you need support under the cervical spine, for the TV or on the road, you can use pillows in the shape of a horseshoe or a cylinder. And we haven't forgotten the littlest ones. The folding sheep pillow turns into a toy when folded. Children love him, they take him to kindergarten, on trips, or to their grandparents.


If you want to buy blankets and quilts, take a direct look at our sets, which we offer at discounted prices. You can choose sets for a single bed or equip them with an entire double bed.


Did you know that you can also buy a mattress topper from sheep's wool? Maintaining the right temperature from under the body is very important, so we have enriched our range with toppers. You can choose a classic or with a cotton liner in brown, beige and natural colors. You can also choose the size according to your bed. And because we know how important it is to keep a baby's temperature stable, we also have a topper for babies.


"I slept on my stomach all my life. Since the nervous system of the "motoneutrons" responsible for the fact that you can move your arms or legs, I have been forced to sleep on my back. Thanks to your anatomical pillow, the pain in my cervical spine has disappeared and I can sleep in peace." 
Radek February 26, 2021

"I had a mattress topper of Merino sheep wool sent to me, and not only did it reach me at lightning speed, but I sleep wonderfully on it. It warms up beautifully from below, is soft and does not itch. It has a pleasant beige color and also suppresses geopathogenic zones. I will definitely get a blanket, I already have a pillow and I am very satisfied." 
Monika February 13, 2021


We have a special category for babies, in which we offer not only functional and practical things for babies, but we also try to make you like our goods in terms of appearance. You will definitely choose from sheep, owl, polka dot or monochrome patterns. And what can you find with us for babies? A nursing pillow and 2in1 baby nest, baby wrap, baby blankets, bunting bags, hand warmers for the stroller and sleeping bag for newborns. We have a very varied offer. See for yourself.


“Your business is great, orders are processed quickly and accurately. Your baby blanket is a complete hit in our family. Our little boy was born premature, so he had a problem with thermoregulation. He loves being completely wrapped in a sheep blanket, the blanket immediately warms up and Martínek is very satisfied. In addition, other mothers love your products when they see them in the stroller. It has simply become part of all our activities. Thank you." 
Martina March 23, 2020

We believe that you will appreciate our sheep wool bedding and that you will also find use for it in your home.

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