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Children and sheep wool

Children and sheep wool

Sheep wool merino is warm and comfortable

  • You can be sure your child will be warm and comfortable while wearing merino clothing. Wool is an insulator and perfectly maintains optimal body temperature. This allows the skin to naturally breathe and effectively prevent sweating. We recommend especially for children who are susceptible to overheating when wearing synthetic fibers.

Wool naturally absorbs moisture

  • Wool has a unique ability to absorb up to three times its own weight of moisture


Children and sheep wool

Wool is FIRE resistant

  • It has excellent protection capabilities, suitable for children. It is naturally non-flammable.

Merino Wool is NOT ITCHY/ irritating

  • Wool has a reputation for an itchy feeling when worn. For this reason, our products include Merino sheep wool, which is very gentle and delicate to the child's skin.

Merino sheep's wool is naturally stain resistant

  • It is resistant to any dirt, so the garments do not have to be washed very much. The natural merino wool fiber is the mother's best friend, unlike synthetic garments that absorb dirt and stains. In short, sheep prodcuts can be claimed as self-cleaning.

Merino WOOL does not deform

Merino does not "electrify"

  • This is another natural property of merino wool. Merino clothing will never contain static electricity.



Children and sheep wool

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