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How to Wash Sheep Wool Products

How to Wash Sheep Wool Products

Hand wash

  • Use gentle liquid detergents. In warm water - max. 30 ° C. Do not use soap or detergents containing enzymes, bleaches, or alkaline agents. Do not use fabric softener. Sheep wool products should be thoroughly rinsed in warm water. You can spin-dry manually or in a washing machine. Use Lanolin for washing.

Washing machine

  • When washing machine, use the cycle on wool and wash in hot water - max 30 ° C. Use a gentle liquid detergent suitable for machine washing.


How to Wash Sheep Wool Products


  • You can let your sheep wool products be chemically treated by professionals


  • Can be dried in a cold and warm dryer. Do not use "HOT" setting, excessive temperature may damage the wool. The ideal option is to dry the products outdoors in the sun. It is important that the sheep product is spread horizontally when drying, so that, for example, clothing does not deform.

  • You can also dry outdoors, we recommend avoiding extreme direct sunlight so the wool does not fade. Avoid radiators, steam pipes and heater fans - this could cause damage.

  • During drying in a dryer we recommend using intelligent woolen balls to absorb moisture, reduce static charge, ease ironing, and even fulfill the softening function. They are also usable out of the drier so you can put them to a basket with laundry for a short duration, where they can also absorb moisture in the meantime.



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