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How to Wash Sheep Wool Products

How to Wash Sheep Wool Products

Hand wash

  • Use gentle liquid detergents. In warm water - max. 30°C. Do not use soap or detergents containing enzymes, bleaches, or alkaline agents. Do not use fabric softener. Sheep wool products should be thoroughly rinsed in warm water. You can spin-dry manually or in a washing machine. Use Lanolin for washing.

Washing machine

  • When using a washing machine, use the  wool cycle and wash in hot water - max 30°C. Use a gentle liquid detergent suitable for machine washing.


How to Wash Sheep Wool Products


  • You can let your sheep wool products be chemically treated by professionals


  • Can be dried in a cold and warm dryer. Do not use "HOT" setting, excessive temperature may damage the wool. The ideal option is to dry the products outdoors in the sun. It is important that the sheep product is laid flat when drying, so that the clothing does not deform.

  • You can also dry outdoors, we recommend avoiding extreme direct sunlight so the wool does not fade. Avoid radiators, steam pipes and heater fans - this could cause damage.

  • When drying in a dryer we recommend using  woolen balls to absorb moisture, reduce static charge, ease ironing, and even fulfill the softening function. They are also usable out of the drier so you can put them to a basket with laundry for a short duration, where they can also absorb moisture in the meantime.




Our wool sweaters with a Norwegian pattern and a simple one-color look are becoming a very popular category of clothing. These sweaters often simulate jackets, as you will also find them in the GORE-tex variant, along with Kama wool hats. We recommend washing them by hand and drying them on a drying rack.

You can also wash Merino winter sweaters in a washing machine with the setting for gentle hand washing and the "Wool" program up to 30°C. Again, we recommend using nothing more than a detergent that has been specially developed for the maintenance of Merino products - Lanolin, which treats all fibers deeply, cleans well, ensures a longer life of clothing and, last but not least, smells nice.

For all types of wool vests, proceed with the treatment in the same way as for sweaters, although even here it is better to choose a classic hand wash without using a washing machine. This is the only way you have control over the product.

If you have an accident and you get your clothes or bedding dirty and if the stain is not large, we recommend spot cleaning with a cloth and cold water with a small amout of lanolin.

How to Wash Sheep Wool Products
How to Wash Sheep Wool Products


The most common wool products include blankets and mattress toppers. You can find them in various styles and, among other things, also in a design with a cotton lining, which we recommend washing from time to time. Classic blankets, whether 1-ply or 2-ply with wool fiber, are recommended to be washed minimally and it is enough to hang them outside in the fresh air, in the cold or in the shade. Although some of our customers wash the blankets by hand at home and rinse them in water, we do not recommend it very much. The reason is simple. The moment the blanket absorbs all the water, it is almost impossible to pull the blanket loaded in this way out of the bathtub at all. Manual squeezing is also very demanding and laborious. Therefore, the best way is to take the blanket to a dry cleaner's, where they have experience with this material and will clean the blanket perfectly with a dry cleaning process. You can wash the blankets as needed and, above all, your own feeling.

Under no circumstances wash blankets or other products in warmer water and do not expose them to long cycles in the washing machine, as the wool would be degraded, the fibers would become felted and matted. The product treated in this way cannot be returned. As sheep's wool heats up in the winter and cools in the summer, many customers wear and use sheep's wool products all year round.


Velká spousta lidí je přesvědčena, že právě přikrývky je nutné prát pravidelně na co nejvyšší teploty v pračce, právě kvůli roztočům. U nás v Ovečkárně nabízíme klasické prošívané přikrývky s výplní z ovčí vlny a prémiové přikrývky z vlny Merino, ve kterých se neusazují ani nemnoží bakterie a roztoči. Díky hladké struktuře vlákna je vlna antibakteriální a téměř samočistící. Proto stačí přikrývky pravidelně větrat na čerstvém vzduchu. 


Bunting bads, nests and other accessories for newborns are also recommended to be washed minimally. In addition, some bunting bags are waterproof, which could be damaged during washing. If you do decide to wash the bunting bag, we recommend washing it by hand and in a water bath up to 30 degrees with wool detergent. The same for baby nests and orthoses.

How to Wash Sheep Wool Products
How to Wash Sheep Wool Products


Recently, the category of footwear has started to expand at Woolville. Their care is not demanding. If you have all-wool slippers at home with soft soles, such as TV slipper boots and woolen slippers, you can easily wash them by hand in a bath up to 30°C. Again, we recommend using Lanolin, which is specially designed for washing wool products. Thanks to the content of pure lanolin, it washes very thoroughly and gently. If you have classic leather slippers with sheep wool inside please do not wash them. Just apply a drop of Lanolin with lukewarm water on a sponge and gently clean the inner part with wool. Wipe the surface leather part only with a slightly damp cloth and let the slippers dry in fresh air. For winter boots, you can use water-proofing spray on the exterior.


We do not recommend drying sweaters or other wool products in the dryer. Also avoid drying by heating. As with washing, the material must not come into contact with temperatures above 30 degrees.

The ideal form of drying is to lay a piece of wool flat on a horizontal surface - for example, spread a towel on the dryer, on which you just let the sweater dry. This will prevent deformation and the sweater will not stretch at any point.

In our shop, you will also find wool balls for the dryer in a variant of 3 or 6 pieces. Using these wool balls is very simple. Put the wool balls in the wet dryer and turn on the dryer. Wool has the ability to absorb moisture and therefore your laundry will dry faster. You can also add an essential oil for a pleasant scent of laundry, which you can drip onto a wool ball. After drying, remove the ball from the dryer and let it dry outside. We recommend using them, for example, with ordinary laundry, such as our cotton sheets, the laundry will not become tangled together and will be beautifully soft thanks to the balls.

How to Wash Sheep Wool Products

We believe that you will love woolen material not only due to its warming properties, but also for its easy maintenance with the advantage of maintaining long-lasting cleanliness despite less frequent washing.


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