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Quilted blankets "Vlnka" for healthy sleep

Quilted blankets "Vlnka" for healthy sleep

MERINO Sheep WOOL = Top quality

  • Merino sheep wool is a natural material that is obtained by shearing young Australian sheep. At this stage, sheep wool is the finest and achieves very high quality. Bedding using this wool produces dry heat, which means it has a very positive effect on rheumatism, and kidney and urinary tract problems. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, the sheep wool does not collect dust, so the bedding is also suitable for allergies and infants.




Quilted blankets "Vlnka" for healthy sleep

The difference between the sheep blanket and the quilted blanket

  • Until recently, only classic blankets with wool were quite popular. These are different from quilted blankets, mainly through workmanship. The sheep wool on the textured surface is not itchy, but it provides a gentle massage of the nerve endings of the skin. On the contrary, the sheep's quilted blankets are covered with a soft cotton cloth, and the sheep's wool is inside the blanket. This option is great, just because of the ease of handling and the possibility to cover the blanket with a duvet cover, as many of us are used to. But be careful, you certainly do not have to worry about functionality. Sheep wool intensively heats and lends its properties even if the blanket is covered.

Enjoy healthy sleep with Quilted blankets VLNKA

  • For comfortable and especially healthy sleep, we can highly recommend our quilted blanket with sheep wool inside, produced in the  Czech Republic. In our offer, you will find special variants of these bedding for winter and summer. Quilted stitching is made into squares with a small border. Thanks to this, sheep's wool merino wool is stable, it will not deform and it helps for easier manipulation.. We also thought about children, so you can buy sheep bedding even in children's variants.

  • Made in Czech Republic

  • You will appreciate that Vlnka blankets are made in the Czech Republic with the help of modern technologies and procedures. Sheep bedding is an advantage in that they are suitable for year-round use as they warm up in the winter and have the ability to cool in the summer. By purchasing this product, you will support a Czech manufacturer.

Quilted blankets "Vlnka" for healthy sleep

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