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How to maintain our products after Winter

How to maintain our products after Winter

Wool blankets 1PLY and 2PLY

  • Maintenance is not difficult. Care must be taken to ensure as it is a natural material that requires very fine and gentle care. If you are going to have a woolen blanket at home, prepare a suitable Lanolin detergent. With lanolin, you can wash your blanket in a machine at a maximum of 30°C on a "wool" setting. If the blanket was to be washed in warmer water and exposed to long grinding in the washing machine, the blanket would eventually be degraded, the fibers would become brittle and matted.

  • We do not recommend handwashing. The reason is simple. As soon as the blanket has absorbed all the water, it is almost impossible to pull it out of the tub at all. Hand spinning is also very demanding and laborious. Therefore, if you are not sure of your own washing machine and you do not dare to hand wash, you can put the blankets in the best case to a dry cleaner where they have experience. Wash Blankets as needed and as your own feeling suggests.

  • Merino wool is self-cleaning and antibacterial, so blankets can be regularly ventilated and washed once a year. If you do not use merino blankets over the summer, you can store them in a simple plastic bag. It is advisable to seal the bag with tape to prevent moths from entering. Against moths, we recommend that you put a fragrant lavender bag that can deter these bad guys.


How to maintain our products after Winter

What about wool slippers?

  • If you have all woolen slippers at home, you can simply wash them manually in a bath up to 30°. Again, use Lanolin, which is specially designed for washing merino wool. Thanks to the pure lanolin content, it is very thorough and gentle. If you have classical leather slippers with Merino sheepskin inside - Women's leather slippers, do not wash them.

  • Just apply a drop of lanolin with water on the sponge and gently clean the inner part with wool lining. Wipe the leather surface with a lightly moistened cloth and let it dry in fresh air. As sheep wool warms up in the winter and cool in the summer, plenty of customers wear wool slippers all year round.


Blankets don't need to be washed.

  • A lot of people are convinced that blankets need to be washed regularly at the highest temperature in the washing machine due to mites. In our shop we offer classic quilted blankets with Merino sheep wool filling. Thanks to this material, which is antibacterial and almost self-cleaning, it is sufficient for the blankets to be regularly ventilated in the fresh air. During the summer you can keep the winter blankets in simple plastic wrapping or sacks to keep them as new as possible.


How to maintain our products after Winter
How to maintain our products after Winter

Norwegian merino sweaters

  • We assume that you will not wear our Norwegian winter sweaters in the summer and that, before you put your sweater into winter storage, just prepare it for the next winter. Winter merino sweaters can be washed even by hand, but also in the machine for a gentle Wool program up to 30°. Again, we recommend not using anything other than a Lanolin specifically developed for the maintenance of merino products.

  • The use of Lanolin helps to restore the original shape, treats all fibers in depth, cleans perfectly, ensures a longer life of the clothing and last but not least smells wonderful. Be careful when drying your sweater.

  • The ideal form of drying is to spread the sweater flat on a horizontal surface - for example, on a dryer lay a towel on which you just let your sweater dry. This prevents your deformation and the sweater does not stretch in any place. Do not put a sweater into the dryer,  in general nothing of Merino sheep wool is suitable for the dryer. Avoid drying by heating. As with laundry, the material must not come into contact with temperatures above 30°. For all types of sheep wool, treat as with sweaters.



  • Lanolin is a miraculous detergent, which is an essential part if you take care of quality maintenance and treatment of your merino natural materials. Lanolin protects and cleanses natural material, natural hair, knitwear, sheets, blankets and even curtains.

  • Interestingly, Lanolin is very versatile. You can use it not only for the washing of natural goods, but it also serves as a helper for washing wooden floors, furniture, your car and even windows. Its pure lanolin content is very fine and thorough.


How to maintain our products after Winter

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