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Story of Vlnka the lamb

Story of Vlnka the lamb

In our picturesque Wallachian region lived a shepherd, who had a large farmhouse with lots of fluffy sheep. There were perhaps a dozen sheep in the flock, all looking the same as the other. Among the everyday activities of the Wallachian Sheep was - to get on a huge meadow full of fresh grasses, and among other things, the flattering of sheep between each other was very popular, as they know that they have a beautiful white and warm wool.

Once a year, the shepherd drives all the sheep into the barn and shears their wool in there. All the sheep were very similar, both in appearance and in nature. After the annual shearing, they came out of the barn one after the other and proudly looked back at the pile of wool that had been sheared off.

One day a small addition was added to the herd - a lamb that was named Vlnka. The Little Lamb was different from the others. She could not graze in the herd, but she was very curious and preferred to run around all the meadows far and wide. In all of this, exploration was often dirty. There she went into a puddle, into the mud. The other sheep were unfamiliar with this behavior, and so they started taunting and pointing at her. They talked about the Vlnka as the dirtiest sheep. She was a laughingstock, she had no friends, and the other sheep often boasted in front of her about their white, fluffy wool.

Story of Vlnka the lamb

Nevertheless, even the shepherd himself, stared at the sheep of the Vlnka with his eyes narrowed, even thinking about selling the sheep. Lamb was very sad, she felt alone, unwanted and miserable. She didn't want to be a nuisance and even planned to escape from the farm to the unknown. As every year came the shearing time. Shepherd again ran the sheep into a large barn and left Vlnka outside as always. Sheep laughed and called one over the other, look at her! her wool wasn't even good enough for wiping the floor! The Little Lamb was standing sadly outside looking at the others. She thought, "I wish I had such a nice wool as other sheep".The sky began to cloud over very quickly, followed soon by heavy rain and lightning. The sheep in the barn laughed, look at it, the Vlnka is dirty and is going to be wet ”. Little lamb had nowhere to hide, nor did was she allowed to go into the barn, so she was getting wet and soaked. Heavy rain with wind began to shower her wool, and the wind blew her gray and dirty color away. After a moment it all stops, the clouds scattered miraculously in a second.

Vlnka didn't notice anything, as her eyes were closed as she cried. The sheep in the barn slowly turned and called with amazement "what's going on?" look at her " Her wool was beautifully white, white as snow, and the eyes of the other sheep gazed in awe. There was a sunshine with a gentle breeze that was fluffing her wool. Vlnka opened her eyes and she couldn't believe her, her wool was white, the whitest of the whole herd, like freshly fallen snow and fluffy like a blanket.

Shepherd, who sheared the sheep with astonishment, cut into his finger. He stopped what he was doing and ran quickly to have closer look. Shepherd took Vlnka and led her to the barn behind the others. There was a lot of noise and upheaval in the barn. Vlnka became the most beautiful sheep, everyone couldn’t keep her eyes off her, everyone wanted to be near her. Shepherd year after year, cuts and cuts. The only sheep he never shears is Vlnka. She is so beautiful that he feels sorry to mix her wool with the others. And so, in the yearly shearing of in the barn, Vlnka only helps your out the Shepherd to keep everything going. She walks with her lush fluffy wool around the farm and all the other sheep wants to be around her, literally like a little girls, want to warm up near her and be in her presence.

Vlnka has a good heart and so in spite of it all, she gladly warms all sheep in the herd.

There are several lessons to be learned from the whole story. It does not mean that if someone is different, that they are worse. Not every storm that comes will hurt us and will always blow over, the sun will shine and all will be better.

Story of Vlnka the lamb

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