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What is dry heat?

  • Are you suffering from back, tendon and joint pain? Women, do you suffer from menstrual cramps? Or do you have problems with bladder inflammation? Wondering what treatment to choose?

  • In the following article, we will explain when to use beneficial dry heat to improve health, what treatments exist and when to choose which kind.

  • Perhaps inflammation is very unpleasant for the human body. But it is not a good idea to get into a hot water bath for these problems, as you would increase your problem.

  • Heat treatment is professionally called thermotherapy. There are two types of treatment, one using dry heat, the other using humid heat.

Each of them should be used differently.




  • For this treatment hot baths are used, warming balms, and warm wraps most often in combination with drinking herbal teas. For example, chamomile tea.

  • They help with colds, abdominal pains, digestive problems. However, it is not very suitable for problems with the back and muscles or inflammations of the bladder.

  • The hot bath is used for colds and regeneration of muscles and skin. For a pleasant scent and softening of the skin you can use fizzing bombs in the bath.




  • It is a treatment with dry wraps that warm the body. And for that, sheep wool is ideal. It has thermoregulatory properties so that the body does not overheat but warms up pleasantly.

  • Some people solve the problem with a wet, heated towel which is poorly held on clothing and the preparation process is difficult. Therefore, there is nothing easier than using our sheep wool products.

  • Ideal for back problems are waist warmng belts - lumbar, elastic warming belts or neck braces, which you apply directly to the problem area. Easy velcro attachment and elasticity ensure it won't fall.



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