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Do you suffer from knee pain, foot fatigue?


Musculoskeletal pain is common today in almost every person, even children. But how can we prevent this and how to relieve pain?


  • We can all prevent pain by regularly moving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Many of us have a sedentary job, poor diet, and instead of regular movement, they experience intense physical activity, most often manifested in back or knee problems.

  • We also know that dry wraps are used, which you put on the affected area and they comfortably warm and relax.

About the back pain, joints, muscle stiffness and that will help dry warmth, we discussed in the previous article on the blog.





The solution is braces and orthoses made of sheep wool, which are an ideal helper for problems with the musculoskeletal system.

  • Here we also talked about the use of waist warming belts or sheep wool vests on a sore back.

  • For knee or ankle problems you can use our elastic braces, which are available in different sizes. We have two kinds of knee braces. One is velcro, the other works as an elastic leg sleeve.




  • Elastic socks can be used for foot problems and tired feet.

  • Elastic knee socks are also good as compression socks, for example, for problems with varicose veins or swollen ankles.


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