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Kama products in Woolville

Kama products in Woolville

Brand Kama is nowadays famous with quality wool products with norwegian patterns. Kama is mainly Czech company established as a small family business in 1989.  

Kama products in Woolville


Their production has expanded over time and their successful presentation of product was the support of Czech Olympians and athletes in Turin.  

Since we in Woolville want to provide you the highest quality goods, we´ve become a premium seller of these quality wool products.

With us you can choose from a different amount of colors and patterns.





Sweaters and other products have a large range of utilisation. They can be worn as work clothes, in the city, as a fashionable close for a date or you can wear them as a sports clothes in the mountains.

Thanks to the great properties of wool they can become as an integral part of your wardrobe.



Kama products in Woolville
Kama products in Woolville


The material of the products is the highest quality wool yarn of the brand Schoeller, which is friendly to nature and respects human health. In combination with functional underwear you will create an ideal set for mountains in any season.

The woolen products are sweaters, hats, gloves, hoods, scarves, dresses, skirts, soft furnishings…

Many of these products are usable for sport, so the products are made to be flexible, comfortable and above all also functional. The products are made of merino wool or lycra with a proportion of other substances such as Gore-Tex and Softshell and can be used for running or skiing in winter.


Kama sweaters are made of different thicknesses and cuts. Some of sweaters can be worn by both - women and men.

Women's sweaters are pullovers, zipper sweaters with a modern pattern, sweaters to the neck, over the head or for example also plaids

Women for sure also appreciate warm modern dresses or multifunctional skirts, which can be used as a 2nd layer on the pants to protect the susceptible area of the loins and pelvis and prevent colds.

Men's sweaters category also include a special edition for hunters and fishermen in traditional green. 

Caps, headbands, scarfes and gloves are easy to combine with sweaters and in their vast selection of variations and designs, almost everyone can choose.


Kama products in Woolville
Kama products in Woolville


For children you will appreciate cheerful caps, balaclavas (such as a balaclava with ears) or nice nad warm colorful sweaters.


The great advantage is that you can wear Kama products everywhere. Among other things, these products you can have for many years!


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