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Healthy walking

Healthy walking

At Woolville our main goal is to take care of the health of our dear customers, so we offer shoes that promote healthy walking and help with or prevent foot problems that most of us have.

This summer we declare the “Summer of Healthy Walking” and we will continue to provide you with valuable advice and instructions on how to care for your feet and solve the problems associated with them.

The most common ailment immediately after fungi are deformities resulting from erroneous and long-term foot load. Up to half of all adults suffer from this. However, problems begin at an early age when children do not have the appropriate footwear to develop their feet well.

Healthy walking

Flat feet

A frequent problem with the feet is a deformed foot arch, more commonly known as "flat feet". We distinguish two types of flat feet, longitudinal flat feet and transverse flat feet.

Most of us don't even consider having any feet problem. But the opposite is true. There may be several symptoms, from knee or hip pain, migraines to cervical spine pain. Even calf cramps may not occur due to lack of magnesium, but because of the flat feet.

For this kind of problem we recommend to exercise and to wear a footwear with an anatomically shaped insole such as our clogs or leather slippers.


There are several types of foot problems with the big toe. The most common ones are hallux valgus, hallux varus and hallux rigidus, often generally called bunions.

These are very common problems where hereditary reasons and wearing inappropriate shoes (too narrow toes, high heels, etc.) play a very important role. In addition to this problem, there is often a decrease and extension of the front transverse arch of the foot. The problem is solved by a special exercise and also wearing shoes with round or square tip. Special splints and other concealers can also help to prevent the deformation of the foot. The ideal choice is our wide-toed orthopedic ballerinas or orthopedic clogs, where there is also plenty of room in the toe.

Healthy walking
Healthy walking


High instep is a condition where the foot arch deforms so that the instep is lifted and the foot resembles a bow shape at a later stage. Medically known as Cavus foot. You will notice that you have a high instep especially when your shoes are slipping badly. People suffering from this disease are more prone to ankle sprains or tendon tears. Therefore, it is wise to wear solid and preferably orthopedic shoes.

At Woolville we offer sneakers with Velcro and for summer hot months leather slippers or stylish slippers.


Women with wider feet should choose footwear made of natural materials that adapt to the movement of the foot, so they do not burden the feet as much as synthetic materials. Womens shoes for wide feet should be easy to put on and not too tight. That's why we have our orthopedic ballerinas for you. Suitable shoes for wide feet are also our orthopedic clogs, which have enough space under the leather upper.


Excessive sweating of feet is a very common problem, especially in the summer months, which of course has a solution that can be eliminated to a minimum. Even this problem should not be taken lightly. As a precaution, it is advisable to wash your feet with an antibacterial agent several times a day if you have the opportunity. It is important to wear socks made of natural materials, 100% cotton or bamboo.

For footwear, we recommend wearing shoes made of breathable material. A great choice can be our very comfortable breathable orthopedic sneakers.

In summer, when temperatures are really high, our slippers made of natural materials such as leather and cork - orthopedic slippers can be your indispensable companion.

Our feet will carry us for all of our lives and therefore we have to take care of them and we will certainly appreciate it in the future. Do not overlook any problem that, if neglected, could lead to problems that we could simply avoid wearing appropriate orthopedic shoes.

Healthy walking

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