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Foot problems

Foot problems

The leg has an important function of supporting the body and for walking. When you are moving, the foot has the ability to adapt to different surfaces, among other things, foot also absorbs body impacts.

During human development, the foot begins to strain by walking and the arch of the foot is forming. And here comes the problem. In the modern world of computers, cars and low-quality materials at low prices, there are foot arch problems. Up to 80% of the population has a incorrect foot position. One of them may be the reduced or even completely collapsed arch of the foot or flat foot.

In the previous article "healthy walking" we imagined problems with the feet, which are flat feet, bunion, high instep.

We will now analyze this information in more detail and recall how this problem may arise and how you may know that you are having the problem.

Foot problems

The foot is formed by an arch, which is distinguished as transverse and longitudinal. If we have a problem with a flat foot, we are talking about a transverse and longitudinal flat foot. A transverse flat foot is characterized by a reduction in the transverse arch of the foot and a loss of springing.

In the case of a problem with the longitudinal flat foot, the longitudinal arch of the foot is reduced or disappears, accompanied by the heel bone. In practice, we can see this when we watch the foot from behind, the inner ankle is turned inwards, and an overloading of the inner edge of the foot is being created.

Like the flat foot problem, you may have a high instep problem, which is due to the high arch.

A badly built arch can be easily identified from the footprint.

Have you ever tried to make a footprint and look at it? You may find that YOU are among the "flat foot people."


Arch deformation causes foot enlargement, instep increase, toe deformation, bunion formation… With such a deformed foot, many people have difficulty to choose shoes that are comfortable or fit.

However, we at Woolville also think of these cases and want to promote health and healthy walking, therefore we bring unique healthy footwear.


Foot problems
Foot problems


Healthy footwear products include orthopaedic sneakers, ballerinas, clogs and cork slippers. All shoes are suitable for flat feet and problems with high instep or bunions. Clogs are also an exceptional shoe that relieves foot pain or helps with swelling feet.

In this category, you will also find white medical shoes or special medical shoes, which are adjustable to the foot and suitable for major problems with the feet. 

Check out our category products for health and choose what you like. 


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