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Have swollen feet? Some tips to help.

Have swollen feet? Some tips to help.

Do you sit or stand for long hours at work or have you had a difficult day that has overwhelmed you? How has it affected your feet; are they heavy and painful? Swelling of the feet is an unpleasant complication that affects almost everyone at least once in their life. It occurs due to insufficient blood flow to the feet, for example due to high summer temperatures, fatigue of the feet and also from wearing bad shoes. However, many people have no idea that these symptoms can indicate more serious health problems.


It is probably no surprise that swelling of the feet is a common disease in modern civilization. They manifest as a feeling of pressure in the lower limbs, pain and possible numbness or night cramps. It can be caused by many factors and firstly it is important to find out the cause of the swelling, which could be not so obvious. The most common reasons are long standing sessions and low activity, injuries, problems with the lymphatic system, veins, pregnancy, travel or may indicate serious health problems (liver, lung disease,…), for which it is necessary to seek medical help.

Have swollen feet? Some tips to help.


Swollen feet are often a result of a number of risk factors, such as smoking, obesity, tight clothing, improper drinking or flat feet. Flat feet are caused by wearing inappropriate footwear. which we can easily influence and solve ourselves.

Therefore, we should start taking good care of our feet, drink enough water, as swelling is related to water retention, and in the case of a long standing session, try to straighten the knees from time to time, exercise the toes and, if at all possible, go far a walk.


In case of swelling feet, we should choose suitable footwear that is comfortable, orthopedic, supports the correct shape of the foot arch and is also wide enough. In summer, for example, orthopedic sandals with buckle straps are suitable for men, which you can adjust to your foot.

For swollen feet, it is also true that we should wear slippers with a raised heel. Such products from Woolville include our popular traditional clogs, orthopedic slippers or wide sneakers and ballerinas.

It is no surprise that white medical and rehabilitation footwear is suitable, which we recommend not only for hospitals and rehabilitation facilities, but also for ordinary households. At Woolville you will find many types of these orthopedic shoes, which are for both men and women and you can choose from several alternatives.

Have swollen feet? Some tips to help.
Have swollen feet? Some tips to help.


Finding suitable footwear that meets the requirements of healthy walking, is orthopedic and can be adapted to your feet can be a problem. Especially if you suffer from substantial swelling of the feet and ordinary shoes do not fit you.

We are ready for this situation at Woolville and we offer medical velcro shoes that have adjustable straps over the heel and instep, so you can adjust it exactly as needed.


Common causes of foot swelling include problems with the circulatory system, which are unfortunately congenital and difficult to get rid of. We can help ourselves with elastic compression socks made of merino wool, whose fibers gently massage and support the proper circulation of blood.

Also, warmer temperatures can have a diminishing effect on foot swelling. For example, various creams or other formulations that help alleviate swollen feet and have a beneficial effect on proper blood flow to the limbs can help. For example, you could use rattlesnake or plum brandy balm.

Swollen feet are one of the few common problems that almost all people suffer from. Let's take it on together! Make sure to try some of our tips and don't forget to let us know on our Facebook page how satisfied you are and whether our advice helped you.

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Have swollen feet? Some tips to help.

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