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For mom's and their babies

For mom's and their babies

Every mother knows what is best for her baby and how much work it takes to care for the baby.

At Woolville we have prepared for our little ones, and especially for their caring mothers, a few beautiful novelties, which are not only appealing to the eye, but are primarily functional and we believe that every mother will appreciate the help that our sheep wool products can provide.

Sheep wool has many suberb properties that you will not find in any other material. Above all, it is the antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties that sheep's wool boasts. This is due to the structure of its fibers, which are covered in small scales, thanks to which dust, mites and bacteria are difficult to retain on its surface and cannot accumulate. Thanks to this feature, sheep's wool products are suitable for even the most sensitive children and for allergy sufferers.

Another great feature of sheep's wool is that it can regulate body temperature. This means that the baby will not overheat in their  bunting bag and thus won't sweat, and they will not be cold even in sub-zero temperatures.

As you already know, sheep's wool has self-cleaning effects, which makes the maintenance of this material extremely easy. Wool products do not need to be washed, just spot clean them and ventilate them often in fresh air. For some products, the wool can be combed with a soft brush to remove the top layer of fiber that has become soiled in some way.

In addition, Merino sheep wool is very soft and comfortable, so perfect for delicate baby skin.

In the video below, we invited mom Lucka Bernátková to our live broadcast, with whom we talked about baby nests, nursing pillows, bunting bags, Merino clothes and sheep wool slippers and her satisfaction with the products.


Let's take a closer look at the products for babies made of Merino sheep wool and also a few lovely novelties that we have prepared for you at Woolville:

For mom's and their babies


Something new in our wooly offer, we have two styles of nests for newborns and toddlers. White with sheep, which is suitable for both girls and boys, and pretty pink with polka dots. Both nests have sheep's wool on the sleeping surface of one side and 100% cotton on the other side, which you could use in the warmer months. The filling of the cylindrical part is a hollow fiber, thanks to which this part is fluffy and at the same time strong so the nest will last a long time.

They are perfect for use in a crib, on a couch, or on the floor, where the baby can lie in peace and not roll anywhere. :-)

The pink nest has another advantage - the cylinder pillow can be detached thanks to the zipper, which creates a nursing pillow, or you can use it instead of a crib bumper pad.


A horseshoe-shaped pillow is definitely familiar to every mother. It is a great helper when breastfeeding or also for when mom and baby rest. It can be used in a sitting or lying position, it depends purely on your preferences.

Unlike the nursing pillow that you detach from the baby nest, this pillow has a better adapted shape - the middle part is flatter for greater comfort of the baby. The filling in this case is sheep's wool.

For mom's and their babies
For mom's and their babies


We have bunting bags for babies in two styles, and each type has several pattern variants. Something new in 2020 from the first style, which has a stronger and waterproof cover material, is a lovely beige striped bunting bag. The second design type has a new version in a darker gray color, which complements our cream and bronze bunting bag in an elegant design, which has become quite popular among customers.

Each bunting bag also has a hand warmer in the same color, so that even the mother won't be cold. With the help of snap fasteners, you can easily attach it to the handle of your stroller and go for a long pleasant walk.

Thanks to the thermoregulatory properties of wool, the baby will always be comfortable, and will not be too cold or too hot, and will not overheat or sweat unnecessarily.


If you are not sure what to put on your baby while in the bunting bag, we can recommend our newborn Merino sheep wool sets. In our store, you will find this set in natural white or beige and in a range of sizes.

The newborn set consists of four pieces, which are a sweatshirt, a cute hat with ear flaps, little mittens and wool socks. With such a combination, winter has no chance.

For mom's and their babies
For mom's and their babies


Booties for little feet are part of every complete outfit for the colder months for our little ones. The use is again diverse. Their small feet will be protected in these booties from Woolville not only from the cold, but also from bacteria and discomfort, because they are very pleasant and soft.

You can choose from two types. The beige version with a bow will be appreciated by every little boy or girl, as well as their mother, for whom the sweet smile of a happy baby will be the greatest reward. We also have booties with lamb fur in natural brown and gray with two sizes: for babies 0-6 months and babies up to 1 year.


In our store, you will also find several children's blankets, which you can use as you see fit, for example to cover the crib or stroller during your walks.

You can choose from different colors and patterns. We also have blankets from Czech manufacturers Vlnka and KAMA.

For mom's and their babies

Don't forget to enjoy the fresh air, not only on nice warm days, but also on dry, cooler ones. You don't have to worry, thanks to our products your baby will sleep like they are in a cloud, and neither of your will be cold. :-)

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