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Quilts with sheep wool

Quilts with sheep wool

A hard day isn't over until you fall into bed and sleep well. But how to achieve such pleasant and undisturbed rest? It is important to ensure the best possible conditions and choose quality materials that will give your body a feeling of satisfying relaxation.

At Woolville know very well that sleep is an important part of the day, which is why you will find several variants of blankets, pillows and sheets so that each individual can choose according to their preferences.

Those who are familar with our articles and have an idea of the properties of wool already know that wool can regulate our body temperature. Its ability to thermoregulate will be appreciated especially by those who sweat at night or, on the contrary, those who are always cold. Thanks to this ability to regulate and supply heat, your body will get enough relaxation, blood circulation and make you feel much better in the morning. You may have heard of the beneficial effects of dry heat on the body.

Another great advantage is its antibacterial properties. This is because bacteria do not accumulate or multiply in the wool. It is therefore suitable for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and sensitive individuals such as babies or people with immune system problems. This is one enormous and unmatched advantage over conventional hollow fiber blankets.

As these blankets do not collect bacteria or dust, it is not necessary to wash them and you can have them for several years. In addition, the durability of wool fiber is many times greater than that of other materials.


We have created a live broadcast for you, in which we focus on quilts with sheep wool, discuss their properties and the difference compared to classic hollow fibers. You will find out why woolen blankets are suitable for allergy sufferers and for people who wake up at night with frequent sweating. We will also tell you what types of blankets we have at Woolville, about production and where to find them.


1. Advantages of quilts with sheep wool

2. Difference between wool and conventional hollow fibers

3. Woolmark production and certification

4. Premium vs. Classic quilts

5. Types of quilts

6. Convenient bedding sets with quilts, pillows, and mattress toppers

7. Where to find detailed info on quilts

Quilts with sheep wool


At Woolville you will find two basic categories of quilts. First are Classic quilts that simulate the familar feather duvets. Or Premium quilts that correspond more to today's hollow or man-made fiber blankets. This means they are more modern, lighter and higher quality. In a Classic blanket you will find sheep wool filling and a cotton-blend on the surface. In a Premium blanket, on the other hand, you will find the finest Merino wool and the cover is made of smooth 100% cotton.


If you have already viewed our products, you have certainly noticed that we have quilts for summer, year-round and winter. The difference is, of course, in the amount of filling. You could say that the thicker it is, the warmer it is. We recommend choosing a summer or year-round quilt for the apartment, and a year-round or winter variant for the cottage. A special variant includes the DUO quilt, which consists of two connected quilts- summer and year-round. It is an ideal choice for those who cannot decide and want to have both summer and year-round options and possibly turn them into one warmer duvet that will accompany you in all conditions.

One special blanket is a summer quilt with hemp filling, which is a modern and at the same time popular and ecological material.

Quilts with sheep wool
Quilts with sheep wool


A catergory unto itself is pillows with sheep wool. Surely you will agree that sleep without a pillow just isn't right. But a bad neck position with a pillow can also negatively affect us. Waking up in the morning with a stiff neck is not exactly pleasant. Therefore, if you are prone to this problem, be smart. At Woolville we have expanded our range of pillows and in addition to the classic 90x70cm pillows, you can choose an anatomical or orthopedic pillow that will help keep your spine in an ideal position and you will wake up in the morning with a smile and no unpleasant pain in your neck.


To make your choice and time easier, we have prepared several sets for you, which combine quilts and pillows, and  some of them include a mattress topper or Lanolin wool detergent. You will find these quilts in various styles and dimensions. Whether you like sleeping under one large shared blanket or you would like an extra-long variant. In addition, you will receive a 10% discount with these sets, thanks to which you can save money for our popular wool socks.

Quilts with sheep wool

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