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Quilts with sheep wool

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A hard day isn't over until you fall into bed and sleep well. But how to achieve such pleasant and undisturbed rest? It is important to ensure the best possible conditions and choose quality materials that will give your body a feeling of satisfying relaxation.

At Woolville know very well that sleep is an important part of the day, which is why you will find several variants of blankets, pillows and sheets so that each individual can choose according to their preferences.

Those who are familar with our articles and have an idea of the properties of wool already know that wool can regulate our body temperature. Its ability to thermoregulate will be appreciated especially by those who sweat at night or, on the contrary, those who are always cold. Thanks to this ability to regulate and supply heat, your body will get enough relaxation, blood circulation and make you feel much better in the morning. You may have heard of the beneficial effects of dry heat on the body.

Another great advantage is its antibacterial properties. This is because bacteria do not accumulate or multiply in the wool. It is therefore suitable for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and sensitive individuals such as babies or people with immune system problems. This is one enormous and unmatched advantage over conventional hollow fiber blankets.

As these blankets do not collect bacteria or dust, it is not necessary to wash them and you can have them for several years. In addition, the durability of wool fiber is many times greater than that of other materials.

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