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Which braces to choose for back and joint pain?

16.02.21 12757x read


Does it happen to you, that your joints fail you? Joint pain is often a problem due to wear and tear, osteoarthritis or inflammation of the tendons and muscles.

The weather also has a great influence on our joints. You may have heard from someone that they "feel the change in the weather in their joints." Especially during the winter, when temperatures drop below zero, old injuries may start to reappear or the existing pain may get worse. And how to overcome it?

Since we want our joints to work well and, most importantly, not hurt, we should take care of them, exercise regularly and take vitamins and supplements preventively.

How to choose the right orthosis?

Choose a size so that the orthosis does not restrict too much, but at the same time not so large and that it falls. Some types of orthoses and braces are universal, so there is no need to choose a size. For products available in several sizes, you will find size charts under the link "Which size to choose?". Just measure the necessary parameters, which you will then compare with our table.

How to help the pain?

In addition to rehabilitation exercises, various aids such as belts and orthoses can help you with these problems. Here at Woolville you will find belts and orthoses made of a natural material, which is sheep wool. These belts have a huge added value, which is the generation of dry heat.

What exactly is dry heat? This is a treatment with dry compresses, for which sheep's wool products such as warming belts or orthoses on various parts of the human body are ideal.

Their advantage is that they can be attached to a certain problem area, which they warm up and help to relieve pain.

They are especially suitable for the regeneration of muscles, tendons and joints and help with pain. Some of them are elastic, others are adjustable with velcro. In the case of warming belts, it is a combination of both.

Take a look at our video, in which we will present these belts and orthoses to you, we will tell you what the differences are between the individual types and we will also show you how they are used.


The most common musculoskeletal problems include back pain, which often escalates and sometimes becomes almost unbearable. Sheep wool waist belts act on the lower back and pelvis and help get rid of unpleasant back pain. Among other things, they are suitable for people suffering from kidney and bladder problems and prevent colds, which is especially appreciated by women.

At Woolville, we have a choice of 4 types of waist warming belts, where you can find the classic variant with strings in brown with a mixture of camel wool. The smallest belt is a mini kidney belt, which is suitable for children or you can use it for travel. An improved variant is an elastic waist warming belt, which you can adjust thanks to the velcro fastening according to your needs anywhere on your body. This adapts better to the shape of your body and its effect may be slightly more effective.


Again, a very common problem is neck pain. Or also if you have stiff muscles in this area, which can be a nuisance every day. Cervical spine pain can have various causes. One of them may be a bad sleeping position, which is good to solve with a suitable pillow. We will focus more on this topic in the next article. It is always good to deal with the cause of the pain with a specialist. You can reach for quick help to temporarily alleviate it. Try our wool neck brace, which will warm your neck perfectly from all sides. Of course, you can also use it preventively, for example when you are sitting in a cold office, working outside in your garden or you can take it instead of a scarf when you go for a spring walk.


Today's modern times force us to put more and more strain on our wrists. More than half of us will certainly admit that we spend a lot of time on a computer or a mobile phone. This is why this activity can have an adverse effect on our wrists. Some may be familiar with the concept of carpal tunnel, in which unpleasant wrist pain occurs. Fortunately, at Woolville we know that dry heat can be a simple solution for pain. The wool velcro wrist brace attaches directly to the wrist and can be pulled as needed. The second variant, which you will find at Woolville, is an elastic wrist orthosis, which is more suitable for sports, like tennis players wear, for example.


Knee pain is one of the most common joint injuries, because it is the most stressed joint in our musculoskeletal system. Knee and elbow orthoses are very similar in appearance, they simply wrap around the leg or arm. The differences are in size and slightly in the stitching. This orthosis is very comfortable, does put pressure anywhere and is pleasantly warm. You can choose from several sizes, the dimensions can be found in the size charts.

Orthoses have an excellent use whether for rest or active life. As they are elastic, they are also suitable for light exercise.

We also have a knee brace in a version with velcro fastening, which you can easily adapt to a  bigger knee. Therefore, for example, for people whose knees are swollen or conventional orthoses are insufficient for them. This type of orthosis is more suitable for non-movement activities.

Shoulder pain can also be very unpleasant, so you can relieve the unpleasant feeling with the heat of a sheep wool shoulder wrap.


Last but not least, we have the perfect elastic socks and compression knee socks that adapt to any foot size. They are especially appreciated by people wuth rheumatism and who have a problem with varicose veins or sore ankles. Merino sheep wool has the ability to pleasantly warm the foot, gently massage the nerve endings of the skin and provide relief from foot swelling and tension. These socks and knee socks are suitable for people with health problems, but also for active athletes. Thanks to the natural material, Merino socks are warm, antibacterial and breathable.


Other types of dry heat are great help against pain and discomfort. While orthoses and waist warming belts keep you warm and do not let the body cool, you will also find heating pads and salt bags, which actively radiate heat and transfer it to the necessary parts of the body. Similarly, we also offer hot water bottles, which in combination with a sheep wool wrap can relieve, for example, abdominal pain.

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