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We from Woolville


Dear friends of wool, we bring you premium products from Merino and other natural materials. Let yourself be pampered with clothing, medical footwear, fluffy blankets and natural cosmetics from Czech manufacturers.

For babies

If you are waiting a new member to your family, you are definitely looking for the most comfortable and high-quality things that your baby will pamper as much as possible. In this category you will find the softest and finest products with sheep wool that your baby will fall in love with. In the first months, when the baby starts to look at the world and gets to know everything around, it is very difficult for him and he needs a lot of sleep and thatś why is perfect to have shaggy blankets, nests and sleeping bags from Czech manufacturers with a tradition of KAMA and Vlnka. Sleeping and breastfeeding is the start to this world :-) But it won't stay there and you will go out with a pram, but the weather doesn't have to be kind and that's why the baby needs nice warm blankets or fleece jackets. A challenging journey begins for parents full of happiness, crying and for many lots of new and unknown. Surround yourself with our most popular fluffy pieces and you will manage everything perfectly. 




Price (26,85-198,50 )