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Calming balm for tired legs Hemp 500ml

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Massage reduces swelling of calves and ankles, and treats visible capillary veins

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Product description

Soothing balm for swollen and tired legs with LEGACTIF, horse chestnut and kostival. LEGACTIF is a special blend of herbal extracts that works against tired legs syndrome. Massage reduces swelling of calves and ankles, reduces pruritus, and treats visible vein veins. LEGACTIF is made up of extracts of deciduous leaves, cello golden and lemon trees.

These herbs contain the active ingredients routin, flavonoids, nargin and hesperidin. An active active substance from the root of the South African fang (Harpagophytum Procumbens), has beneficial effects for muscle and joint massage. Menthol with mint has a slightly cooling effect, legs refresh and reduce swelling. With all the above problems, it is advisable to avoid staying at high temperature, bathing in hot water, long sitting and standing, negatively affecting overweight, high blood pressure. Hemp oil has very beneficial effects on the skin and its regeneration even in prolonged dermal problems.

Volume: 500 ml


Ingredient Cannabis
Type of cosmetics Salve
Manufacturer Herbavera

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