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Because the quality, origin and safety of our products are very important to us, we strive to obtain international certificates that confirm the quality of goods in our shop.


Many of the wool products in our range are certified by the Woolmark brand, which guarantees the high quality of the sheep wool used. This is confirmation that the raw material or final product has been tested to meet high quality standards.
At the same time, it is a system that aims to protect nature and natural resources, their restoration and sustainability. Woolmark is a globally recognized certificate of quality.


The Oeko-Tex certificate, which you will find for the products in our e-shop, is a certification that they meet strict requirements for the safety of textile products. The Oeko-Tex certification system has been developed so that everyone can be sure that the product they wear on their body is safe and does not contain any hazardous materials or chemicals. Products marked with the Oeko-Tex logo must not contain, for example, any dangerous allergens, pesticides or heavy metals. The label also guarantees that no environmentally harmful chemicals have been used during the production process.


Prestige footwear, which you will find in our selection of sneakers, is certified by the Institute for Testing and Certification, a.s., in Zlín, as footwear suitable for work.

Thanks to the materials used, it meets the requirements for safety and health protection, as well as the basic requirements for work footwear. The Prestige sole complies with EU standards on energy absorption, which relieves the joints and when standing or walking for a long time.


Rehabilitation footwear from our shop meets the requirements for energy absorption thanks to the materials used in their production. Thanks to this, they are very comfortable even for long-term standing and are also suitable as work shoes.


The wooden kitchen utensils that you will find at Woolville come from responsibly managed forests with a renewable source of wood.

Certified Materials


Schoeller yarns, which include knitted sweaters and other Kama clothing, are Bluesign certified. It guarantees the safety of the material and the protection of health and the environment during its production. For textile products, the Bluesign label ensures high quality and functionality, as well as a low environmental impact.


The unique Gore-tex textile membrane is permanently waterproof, yet pleasantly breathable and light. Products with a membrane from the GORE® company can be washed regularly without any worries. They are of high quality and retain their functional properties even after frequent washing. Regular washing is important for the membrane because it prevents clogging of the pores, which reduces breathability.

Gore-tex Windstopper

Goretex Windstopper is a completely windproof, yet extremely breathable membrane. This combination of protection and breathability minimizes the cooling effect of the wind, reducing the risk of hypothermia and overheating when you are active.

Fleece Perpetual

Fleece Perpetual is a quality fleece made from recycled plastic bottles. This material is very soft and pleasant to the touch, and at the same time helps to build a world in which used plastic bottles are not just a nuisance waste, but a material that can be reused.


Tecnowool combines the excellent properties of natural wool with the functional properties of man-made fibers, making it ideal for sportswear. The material wicks moisture away from the skin, is breathable and mechanically resistant. The composition of this material is 40% Merino wool, 45% polyester and 15% nylon.


Lycra is a very elastic and comfortable material that can stretch and return to its original shape. It gives comfort and freedom in every movement.


Polycolon is a modern, water-repellent fiber that is impervious to moisture but can also wick it away from the skin. It has excellent thermal properties and repels dust and dirt. Its skin-friendliness makes it suitable for everyday wear and also for active athletes.


Tecnostretch is a soft and elastic material suitable for active sports. The outer side is resistant to mechanical wear and tear and the inner side is soft and non-irritating to the skin. The material has good thermal properties.

Teflon Fabric Protector

Teflon Fabric Protector gives products water repellency and increased resistance to staining. Because Teflon is applied to individual fibres, the breathability of the product is not compromised.


Thermolite® is a functional material whose hollow fibers provide one of the highest levels of thermal insulation. Thanks to the shape of the fibers, it quickly and efficiently moves sweat away from the skin, which is otherwise the main contributor to cooling the body.

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