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Collagen 60 EKO capsules

Code: 19-01008

Capsules benefit the musculoskeletal system through a combination of active ingredients.

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Product description

Capsules benefit to the musculoskeletal system through a combination of active ingredients. Collagen type II, which is contained in articular cartilage and collagen type I that is involved in the structure of tendons, ligaments, bones and skin. These two substances are further enriched with an extract of Boswellia serrata, or incense, where the resin of this tree is obtained Boswellic acid, which is used in the treatment of osteoarthritis and optimal health of joints and muscles.

All offered products are packaged so that:
- left as little carbon footprint as possible
- saved our planet during production, but also after subsequent consumption

The boxes are made of 100% recyclable material and the capsules are packed in ecological bags, which are closed with a wooden peg.


Manufacturer Vitar

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