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Dear friends of wool, we bring you premium products from Merino and other natural materials. Let yourself be pampered with clothing, medical footwear, fluffy blankets and natural cosmetics from Czech manufacturers.

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Not only a sheep wool blanket, but a sheep wool pillow is the right step towards a healthy and undisturbed sleep. Choose from a set that will be perfect for you and enjoy the warmth of merino sheep wool that these blankets contain. Its thermoregulatory properties effectively compensate for ambient temperature differences, making you feel comfortable. If you are sweating in your sleep, there is nothing to worry about. 

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Merino wool absorbs excess moisture, which then evaporates into the atmosphere, and your sleep will not be disturbed by anything. In addition, the wool is antibacterial, so it does not keep dust and house dust mites. Try a warm and quiet sleep with our blankets.