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Kid's felt slippers with sheep wool "Owl"

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Lightweight slippers with the finest Merino sheep wool from felt are the best slippers for the little ones.

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Product description

Soft felt slippers with sheep wool for our little loved ones. Lightweight slippers with the finest Merino sheep wool from felt are the best slippers for the little ones. The naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic sheep wool Merino will keep the small legs of the child warm and warm, and because the wool also absorbs excess moisture, which then evaporates, even if your children's feet sweat, they will still feel comfortable. Slippers can be worn by children for all year round, as the sheep wool warms in the winter and gently cools in the summer. Let your loved ones, little ones in comfortable slippers with a playful picture.

Upper: 100% wool felt
Insole and inside of the slipper: 100% Merino sheep wool
Sole: Rubber


Category Children
Color Gray
Pattern Little Owls
Season Winter
Fastening Without zipper
Sole type For home use
Manufacturer Vlnka
Material Felt, Sheep wool

Why sheep wool?

Sheep wool is one of the oldest textile materials, along with silk from China and flax from Egypt. The sheep and the dog were the first friends of man. The sheep could feed a man and warm him up during the harsh winters. Traditional woolen materials still have an irreplaceable position in our closets today because of their unique properties, which no artificial material has ever surpassed.

Wool has the natural ability to transport moisture away from the body into the environment. It can absorb water up to 35% of its own weight. Once the ambient humidity is reduced, the water starts to evaporate again into the air. So the feeling of wet clothes comes much later than with other materials.

When wool absorbs moisture, it also generates heat. And you can feel pleasant dry heat despite bad weather. Conversely, when the ambient temperature rises, the wool stops generating heat. It is therefore an active thermoregulation that the wool is capable of. Due to the high lanolin content, the wool is self-cleaning. Wool fibers stimulate movement in the air and begin to expand and contract dynamically. In combination with lanolin, dirt will come to the surface itself.

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Dětské papuče, bačkory a baleríny


Velikost EUUvedeno v centimetrech/ délka stélky
1913 cm
2013,5 cm
2114 cm
2215 cm
2315,5 cm
2416 cm
2517 cm
2617,5 cm
2718 cm
2818,5 cm
2919 cm


size EUUvedeno v centimetrech/ délka stélky
21-24 15 - 16 cm
24-2917 - 18 cm
30-3419 - 20 cm


Velikost EUUvedeno v centimetrech/ délka stélky
2515,5 cm
2616 cm
2717 cm
2817,5 cm
2918,5 cm