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Knitted merino cap KAMA A144 - Dark Blue / Navy

Code: 3-00111-TMAVE-MODRA

Warm and beautiful piece of quality wool from the Czech brand KAMA keeps you warm in any weather. Merino sheep wool will surprise you with its softness and ability to regulate temperature, making it pleasantly warm even when wet. It effectively absorbs moisture, which then evaporates into the atmosphere and therefore you will always feel comfortable. Soft color tones and beautiful Norwegian patterns will enchant everyone.

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Description and specifications Review

Product description

KAMA is a Czech family company that has been successfully operating on the market for 30 years. During its existence it has been working with the best woolen yarn of the brand SCHOELLER, which is produced with regard to human health and environmental friendliness. Their knitted products are a beautiful piece of natural material, which is quality sheep wool and modern fibers. Knitted sweaters, hats, gloves and blankets are their main assortment.


Category Men, Women
Color Dark blue
Temperature properties Cold weather
Season Winter
Activity For hunters
Inner layer With lining
Style With pattern
Manufacturer Kama
Material Sheep wool

quality certificates


It is a modern hydrophobic fiber that does not leak moisture and at the same time removes it away from the skin. It has excellent thermal properties and repels dust and dirt. Thanks to its gentleness on the skin, it is suitable for everyday wear and also for active athletes.

100% Merino wool

This warm piece is made of 100% natural soft merino wool, which does not irritate the skin, is antibacterial and therefore effectively resists odor. Its thermoregulatory property actively regulates temperature and warms you up even when wet. Wool has a great property that it is antiallergenic and therefore is suitable for sensitive skin. This wool is certified for the highest environmental friendliness and safety. Nature and quality workmanship will put you in the warmth that will suit you.

Benefits of sheep wool

Maintains a constant temperature

Removes moisture

Natural material

Easy maintenance

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