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Knitted Merino hat KAMA AG21 - Black Black

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A warm and decent piece of quality wool from the Czech brand KAMA will keep you warm in any weather. Merino sheep wool will surprise you with its softness and ability to regulate temperature, thanks to which it will be pleasantly warm even when wet. It effectively absorbs moisture, which then evaporates into the air, so you will always feel comfortable. Subtle color tones and beautiful Norwegian patterns will enchant everyone and you will immediately fall in love with them.


Knitted Merino hat KAMA AG21 - Red Knitted Merino hat KAMA AG21 - Dark Blue / Navy Dark blue Knitted Merino hat KAMA AG21 - Light Gray Knitted Merino hat KAMA AG21 - Black  Black

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Knitted Merino hat KAMA AG21 - Red Knitted Merino hat KAMA AG21 - Dark Blue / Navy Dark blue Knitted Merino hat KAMA AG21 - Light Gray Knitted Merino hat KAMA AG21 - Black  Black

Product description

KAMA is a Czech family company that has been successfully operating on the market for 30 years. During its existence, it works with the highest quality wool yarn of the SCHOELLER brand, which is produced with regard to human health and care for nature. Their knitted products are a beautiful piece of natural material, which is quality sheep wool and modern fibers. Knitted sweaters, hats, gloves and blankets are their main assortment.


Category Women, Men
Color Black
Temperature properties Freezing weather
Season Winter
Activity For sporting
Inner layer With lining
Style Without bobble
Manufacturer KAMA
Material Sheep wool


The well-known waterproof GORE-TEX® fabric is the privilege of quality products. It is also optimally breathable for maximum comfort. In conjunction with natural merino wool, the perfect material is created, never letting you down, working in any weather. .


This fiber protection gives the products a hydrophobic property and increased resistance to soiling. TEFLON® is applied to individual fibers and therefore breathability is not limited. This exceptional material can withstand washing and dry cleaning well.


It is a modern hydrophobic fiber that does not leak moisture and at the same time removes it away from the skin. It has excellent thermal properties and repels dust and dirt. Thanks to its gentleness on the skin, it is suitable for everyday wear and also for active athletes.

50% Merino Wool - 50% acrylic

This warm piece is made of 50% natural soft merino wool and 50% premium acrylic which does not irritate the skin, is antibacterial and therefore effectively resists odor. Its thermoregulatory property actively regulates temperature and warms you up even when wet. Wool has a great property that it is antiallergenic and therefore is suitable for sensitive skin. This wool is certified for the highest environmental friendliness and safety. Nature and quality workmanship will put you in the warmth that will suit you.

Why sheep wool?

Sheep wool is one of the oldest textile materials, along with silk from China and flax from Egypt. The sheep and the dog were the first friends of man. The sheep could feed a man and warm him up during the harsh winters. Traditional woolen materials still have an irreplaceable position in our closets today because of their unique properties, which no artificial material has ever surpassed.

Wool has the natural ability to transport moisture away from the body into the environment. It can absorb water up to 35% of its own weight. Once the ambient humidity is reduced, the water starts to evaporate again into the air. So the feeling of wet clothes comes much later than with other materials.

When wool absorbs moisture, it also generates heat. And you can feel pleasant dry heat despite bad weather. Conversely, when the ambient temperature rises, the wool stops generating heat. It is therefore an active thermoregulation that the wool is capable of. Due to the high lanolin content, the wool is self-cleaning. Wool fibers stimulate movement in the air and begin to expand and contract dynamically. In combination with lanolin, dirt will come to the surface itself.

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