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Lavender Face lotion 100ml

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Regular use of our lavender lotion will make your skin clean, smooth and well hydrated.

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Product description

Lavender Face water is based on a natural base, so it's a very gentle skin care product. The water cleans your skin thoroughly while helping to protect it from external influences. Suitable for everyday application, where it acts by its constricting and toning effects, the skin not only cleans but also nourishes. It contains active substances that are very well absorbed into the skin.

Regular use of our lavender water will make your skin clean, smooth and well hydrated.

Lavender has a high amount of healing effects. It has a slight soothing and relaxing effect. It has the ability to release strong emotions and nervous tension, which helps in insomnia and headaches. It acts antiseptically and lends its healing properties. It helps in the treatment of burns, eczema and mold.

Content: 100ml


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