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Massage Candle Lavender 100ml

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The heated ingredients act gently but intensely on your body, which can absorb all the necessary minerals.

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Product description

The massage candle is not only a romantic but also a great antioxidant, regenerative and hydrating effect. Its uniqueness lies not only in its non-traditional use, but also in the purely natural composition and selection of quality raw materials: The delicate composition of Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Natural Extracts and Essential Oils will rid your body and the fatigue mind and give you new energy.

The heated ingredients work gently but intensely on your body, so you can absorb all the necessary minerals and moisturizers. Ideal for muscle regeneration, physiotherapy massage, instead of body milk after bathing and, of course, for intimate comfort for two.

How to use the massage candle? After the candle is lit, the solidified oil gradually dissolves to reach the temperature required for the massage. The warmed palm oil is applied to the body and gently massaged into the skin. Thanks to the easy penetration of the active ingredients, the resulting effect on the skin is instantly visible, the skin is soft, supple and nourished. In addition, during the procedure, it releases fragrant compositions that act on all senses and enhance the feeling of well-being and relaxation. The massage candle can be used repeatedly, the new warming of the massage oil does not alter its properties.



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