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Medical set Natural

Code: 19-00318

If you suffer from back pain, inflammation of the urinary tract, or other unpleasant ailments associated with your back in the hips, the combination of fine 100% Merino wool and plum brandy "slivovice" balm is the right first step to relieve or prevent pain.

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Description and specifications Maintenance Review

Product description

If you suffer from back pain, inflammation of the urinary tract, or other unpleasant ailments associated with your back in the hips, wat Woolville we would all recommend a waist warming belt made of sheep wool, which warms the affected area with its so-called dry heat and relieves tension and pain.

Plum brandy "Slivovice" balm, which is part of this set, is a elixir, but mostly suitable for joint and muscle pain, blood flow to the limbs and many other uses. The warming belt and plum brandy balm will help you with the pain that bothers you, or the belt will be used for cold winter evenings when sitting outside with friends, but also in bad weather at work. The warming belt adapts beautifully to your body with the help of tying laces and 100% fine Merino wool will take care of the rest.

How to care for the product

Sheep wool products are very low maintenance. Thanks to its natural lanolin content, wool can clean itself. This process is supported by regular shaking and ventilation in fresh air. The material retains its fluffiness and softness, excess moisture is removed from the wool and mite breeding is reduced. Any natural odours of the wool will also dissipate more quickly with ventilation.

When cleaning wool, use only products designed for wool, such as Lanolin detergent. To spot clean, use a soft damp cloth and Lanolin mixed in a spray bottle with water. You can also hand wash the product in a lukewarm bath at a constant temperature of up to 25°C. Add Lanolin to the water, which not only cleans the wool but also treats it naturally.

Do not wring the washed products, just gently squeeze and leave to dry, ideally in a horizontal position. Never dry wool on a heater, and avoid direct sunlight. Do not use a tumble dryer.

It is not recommended to machine wash sheep's wool products. This can cause the material to deteriorate.
If heavy soiling occurs, wool products can be taken to a professional dry cleaner. The material can only be dry-cleaned in a dry cleaner.


Category Women, Men
Ingredient Cannabis, Plum brandy
Season Yearlong
Fastening For tying
Material Sheep wool

Vlnka brand

Because we value what nature gives us, the Vlnka brand was established in Zlín. It brings the joy and comfort of natural materials to all those who want quality, stylish products. Vlnka offers clothes, shoes, bedding and other accessories for the whole family, from babies to grandparents.

Benefits of sheep wool

Maintains a constant temperature

Removes moisture

Natural material

Easy maintenance

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