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Medical set Natural

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The health set is suitable for those who are suffering from back pain. It includes a horseshoe pillow that releases the cervical spine, rectal and postpartum cushion suitable for proper posture and relief of the body part, and kidney belt to keep your back warm.

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Product description

The horseshoe health pillow is made of 100% merino wool, which is very warm and soft to human skin. We strongly recommend it for moments of relaxation, but also for people suffering from cervical spine pains. The shape is specially designed for use in the lying, when the cervical spine is perfectly supported and its beneficial ability is enhanced by the surface material.

This Rectal and postpartum pillow maximally helps to relieve the sitting area for patients who are permanently sitting or lying. We can strongly recommend it to patients after rectal surgery and with hemorrhoids. The woolen cushion can provide maximum comfort and stabilization.

The kidney belt is made of 100% merino sheep wool, which produces beneficial dry heat. Thanks to this, the kidney belt relieves you from menstrual pain, backache, cold, and positively affects also urinary tract and inflammation problems


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