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Dear friends of wool, we bring you premium products from Merino and other natural materials. Let yourself be pampered with clothing, medical footwear, fluffy blankets and natural cosmetics from Czech manufacturers.

Medical socks

Health socks made of natural materials such as the finest merino wool or bamboo. Woolen socks for people suffering from diabetes that have a loose hem, but also antibacterial socks made of bamboo and merino wool if you have a problem with the skin of the feet. Health bamboo socks are a great choice if your feet are still sweating and you no longer need advice. Health thermo socks made of sheep wool, but also knee socks made of this amazing material you will try once and you will not choose another.

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All these health socks are from the Czech brand Vlnka and the production uses the highest quality materials that will ensure that your feet will be the most gentle care.