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Base layer under clothing

Suitable for sports and casual wear

Wicks moisture away from the skin

Soft, skin-friendly material

Men's merino shirt 230 Competititon long sleeve Ortovox - Just Blue

Code: 2-00001-JUST-BLUE

The functional t-shirt is made of Tasmanian sheep wool merino, thanks to which the T-shirt is highly functional with thermoregulatory capabilities.

Men's merino shirt 230 Competititon long sleeve Ortovox - Black Raven Men's merino shirt 230 Competititon long sleeve Ortovox -  Blue Sea Men's merino shirt 230 Competititon long sleeve Ortovox - Just Blue
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Base layer under clothing

Suitable for sports and casual wear

Wicks moisture away from the skin

Soft, skin-friendly material

Description and specifications Maintenance Review

Product description

The merino 230 competition t-shirt is made for extremely challenging winter activities at low temperatures. The polyamide admixture does not reduce the properties of the Tasmanian wool. Thanks to this connection, clothing is very comfortable and does not restrict movement. The material is woven in the form of ribbing, which gives great flexibility and freedom of movement. Developed on the basis of body-mapping technology, which means that each part is knit in different ways and weights. Thanks to this, the 230 competition guarantees faster sweat and warmth wherever it is needed.

The basis for maximum protection at extremely low temperatures is the selection of a quality thermal clothing. For this reason, this functional thermal underwear is made of high quality Tasmanian wool merino. This material heats and keeps heat at low temperatures. In the event of sudden warming or heavy performance, it is pleasantly cool. Reliably removes moisture from the body and evaporates it into the air. The sheep's wool  perfectly regulates the temperature and reliably drains sweat from the skin. The material is highly rigid and resistant to damage or destruction.

Materials: 57 % Merino wool + 41 % polyamid + 2 % elastan

For over 30 years, Ortovox has been producing clothing and accessories for freeriders, mountain leaders and other winter sports enthusiasts. Ortovox clothing is used by Mountain Service in Austria, Avalanche Prevention Center in Tyrol and Mountain Service of the Czech Republic.

How to care for the product

Sheep wool products are very low maintenance. Wool has self-cleaning properties, so wool clothing does not need to be washed as often as other materials and can be worn longer without washing. This is an advantage, for example, for thermal underwear or socks that can be worn for several days in a row, for example, on a trip to the countryside where you do not have the option of washing. Usually you just need to let the clothes dry and ventilate in fresh air

You can wash woolen clothes in the washing machine on a programme designed for wool and other delicate materials. Water temperature only up to 30°C and low spin speed are important. Always use only wool detergents and avoid fabric softener. 

When hand washing, keep the water temperature constant and do not wring the clothes, just gently squeeze the water out. 

Allow washed articles to air dry, preferably spread out horizontally. Never dry wool on a heater, and avoid direct sunlight. Do not use a tumble dryer.


Ortovox type 230 Competition
Temperature properties Freezing weather
Activity For sporting
Manufacturer Ortovox
Material Sheep wool

Benefits of sheep wool

Maintains a constant temperature

Removes moisture

Natural material

Easy maintenance

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D 75-76 29,5-29,9 76-77 29,9-30,3 77-79 30,3-31,1 79-81 31,1-31,9 81-83 31,9-32,7
E 160-163 63-64,2 163-166 64,2-65,4 166-170 65,4-66,9 170-174 66,9-68,5 174-178 68,5-70,1

How to measure?

Clothing for children and adults

Our sheep wool vests are straight cut, so they are the same width all the way round. We therefore recommend that you measure at the widest point of your torso, and choose a vest at least a few centimetres larger to accommodate another layer of clothing underneath.

Merino wool sweaters are made from a wool knit, so they are stretchy and conform to your body shape. For children's patterns, you just need to know your torso height, but for adult sweaters chest circumference is also important. Use this information to choose the ideal size quickly and easily.

We recommend that you choose thermal underwear that is more fitted to the body. Sizes may vary between manufacturers, so please check the size charts before purchasing.

If the clothes you buy do not fit, we will be happy to exchange the size for free.