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Thermo socks

The Merino woolen socks are very popular among the customers and are known for their high warm properties. We offer a wide selection of socks made from natural sheep's merino material from the Czech brand Vlnka. These are woolen socks specially made with the intention of multiple uses. So you can find woolen Merino socks for sports, work and health, suitable for the elderly. Ortovox offers merino woolen socks suitable for highly demanding tourist and winter activities.

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Merino wool is a material obtained by shearing young Australian sheep where the sheep wool is the finest and achieves the highest possible quality. You do not have to worry about the unpleasant sensation of bite, our sheep products are processed to be highly gentle and especially non-irritating in contact with human skin. The advantage of this material is the thermoregulatory property, which means the ability to regulate the optimum body temperature and at the same time it can evaporate any excess humidity into the air. The materials are antibacterial and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. Ideal for casual wear in the summer, bamboo socks and classic bamboo socks are unusual thanks to antibacterial and thermoregulatory properties.