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Premium winter quilted set

Code: 9-00061

The combination of the highest quality Merino sheep wool and the finest soft 100% cotton makes this set the pinnacle of luxury among bedding made of natural materials, a real pleasure the moment you lie down under the blanket and lay your head on a fluffy pillow.

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Product description

The premium winter quilted set with Merino sheep wool is a pleasant companion in every bedroom, so sleep becomes a better rest for the whole body and mind. The combination of the highest quality Merino sheep wool and the finest soft 100% cotton makes this set the pinnacle of luxury between natural bedding.
Merino sheep wool has many advantages that are very important for quality sleep, one of the main benefits is that the wool actively regulates human body temperature and therefore it will always be comfortable for you under a blanket made of sheep wool, because it will warm you up beautifully in winter and cool you down pleasantly in summer.
Sheep wool is naturally antibacterial, which is why it is an ideal material for those who suffer from allergies, because mites and bacteria do not multiply in wool. Last but not least, sheep's wool absorbs excess moisture, which then evaporates, so if you sweat often, you will certainly appreciate this amazing feature of sheep wool. The blanket is precisely sewn through so that the wool is evenly distributed, held in place and does not rumple. You will fall in love with the light summer blanket together with the pillow right after the first night, when you wake up full of strength and perfectly rested, and you will look forward to going back to your bed all day long.

Blanket material and size:
135 x 200 cm
100% Merino sheep wool
100% cotton

Pillow material and size:
90 x 70 cm
100% Merino sheep wool
100% cotton

Blanket weight: 2,4 kg
Blanket filling weight: 600 g/m²


Category For Adults
Season Winter
Manufacturer Vlnka
Material Sheep wool

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