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Premium woolen quilted mattress protector

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Merino sheep wool is well cleaned and without odor, combed, shaked and carded into the fleece. The pillows are also suitable for allergy sufferers, thanks to their very low dustiness.

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Product description

Frequent sleep sweating, not very easy maintenance of the entire mattress and ultimately early wear. If you have at least one of these problems, we recommend a mattress protector with the finest merino sheep wool.


Enjoy natural comfort all year round

The thickness of the mattress protector will amaze you with its comfort and the composition will impress you with its exceptional functionality. Merino wool and 100% cotton in the protector are characterized by their ability to absorb moisture and effectively regulate the temperature, creating an airy, fresh and dry sleeping climate that greatly improves the quality of your sleep.


Use the summer or winter side

The protector has two sides. On one side is a cotton filling that is ideal for the warm season. Filling high quality merino wool on the other hand makes cotton excellent for cooler nights. The sophisticated structure of the protector prevents the body from overheating and allows perfect relaxation without sweating at night.

Great combination of merino wool and cotton

Merino wool creates fabulous comfort, the thermoregulatory ability of wool creates the right degree of heat depending on room and body temperature, has an amazing ability to store heat and excellently wicks moisture away. Thanks to its high lanolin content, sheep wool is self-cleaning and no other impurities are formed - regular shaking and ventilation is enough to keep it fresh.

Cotton is skin friendly, airy and light. It effectively removes body moisture into the room. It creates pleasant, airy and fresh sleep conditions that will be appreciated by anyone who is prone to night sweats.

- 100% natural merino wool inside the quilt and the finest cotton cover
- Antiallergenic property prevents the formation and deposition of house dust mites
- The thermoregulatory property of the wave will compensate for ambient temperature differences
- Easy maintenance - frequent ventilation in fresh air is sufficient


You will surely appreciate that merino bedding is made in Czechia with a long tradition where emphasis is placed on high quality in production. By purchasing this product, you will support the Czech manufacturer. Brand Vlnka.


Category For Adults
Season Winter, Summer
Manufacturer Vlnka
Material Sheep wool


OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a worldwide unified certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate products and end products at all stages of processing to eliminate harmful substances. All non-textile components are also tested in the manufacturing process. For many companies, meeting OEKO-TEX® requirements is an integral part of their delivery conditions


This product is ideally maintained by a dry cleaning method offered by all conventional dry cleaners. This method of cleaning does not cause precipitation or deformation.

Hand washing
This product can be hand washed, we recommend a bath up to 30 ° C. When rinsing, it is sufficient to gradually reduce the water temperature to avoid precipitation or deformation. Then just gently squeeze and dry horizontally to prevent material from being pulled out. A suitable maintenance product is Lanolin, which we offer is as gentle as possible for sheep wool.

Machine washing
We do not recommend washing the product in the washing machine.

Be sure not to dry the product on heater. In case the heating exceeds the temperature of 30 ° C, (which is quite normal) the water contained in the knit is also heated above 30 ° C and the product shrinks in the same way as in an unsuitable wash.

When drying in a dryer, we recommend using intelligent woolen balls that absorb the moisture of the laundry, reduce its static charge, make it easier to work with ironing and even fulfill the function of fabric softener. They can also be used outside the dryer by placing them in the laundry basket for a while, where they can also absorb moisture in the meantime before hanging.

Do not use fabric softener!
Machine washing will degrade the product, knit the fabric and shrink. Such a degraded product cannot be claimed.

Why sheep wool?

Sheep wool is one of the oldest textile materials, along with silk from China and flax from Egypt. The sheep and the dog were the first friends of man. The sheep could feed a man and warm him up during the harsh winters. Traditional woolen materials still have an irreplaceable position in our closets today because of their unique properties, which no artificial material has ever surpassed.

Wool has the natural ability to transport moisture away from the body into the environment. It can absorb water up to 35% of its own weight. Once the ambient humidity is reduced, the water starts to evaporate again into the air. So the feeling of wet clothes comes much later than with other materials.

When wool absorbs moisture, it also generates heat. And you can feel pleasant dry heat despite bad weather. Conversely, when the ambient temperature rises, the wool stops generating heat. It is therefore an active thermoregulation that the wool is capable of. Due to the high lanolin content, the wool is self-cleaning. Wool fibers stimulate movement in the air and begin to expand and contract dynamically. In combination with lanolin, dirt will come to the surface itself.

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