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Premium woolen summer quilted blanket

Code: 9-00501

Merino sheep wool is well cleaned and without odor, combed, shaked and carded into the fleece. The pillows are also suitable for allergy sufferers, thanks to their very low dustiness.

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Product description

Premium range of bed linen from Czech manufacturer with tradition. Lightweight all year blanket filled with the finest natural merino wool, which creates the best conditions for a perfect sleep thanks to the strict method of obtaining and controlling processing.

This is complemented by a high-quality, skin friendly, airy and hydrophilic cotton cover. The blanket has a remarkable heat storage capability and also removes moisture away into the room, so it is airy and thanks to these properties the body does not overheat. The self-cleaning ability of the wool ensures long-lasting freshness.


Great combination of merino wool and cotton

Merino wool creates fabulous comfort, the thermoregulatory ability of wool creates the right degree of heat depending on room and body temperature, has an amazing ability to store heat and excellently wicks moisture away. Thanks to its high lanolin content, sheep wool is self-cleaning and no other impurities are formed - regular shaking and ventilation is enough to keep it fresh.

Cotton is skin friendly, airy and light. It effectively removes body moisture into the room. It creates pleasant, airy and fresh sleep conditions that will be appreciated by anyone who is prone to night sweats.

- 100% natural merino wool inside the quilt and the finest cotton cover
- Antiallergenic property prevents the formation and deposition of house dust mites
- The thermoregulatory property of the wave will compensate for ambient temperature differences
- Easy maintenance - frequent ventilation in fresh air is sufficient


You will surely appreciate that merino bedding is made in Czechia with a long tradition where emphasis is placed on high quality in production. By purchasing this product, you will support the Czech manufacturer. Brand Vlnka.


Hand washing

This product is ideal for handwashing, we recommend washing at max 30 ° C. When rinsing it is sufficient to gradually lower the water temperature so no precipitation or deformation occurs.Then wrinkle gently and dry in a horizontal position to avoid pulling out the material.

Washing in washing machine

We recommend that you only wash on a wool program that respects a more gentle wash.
Use fine detergent designed for wool, both for hand washing and washing.


Do not dry the product on heater, If the heating exceeds 30 ° C (which is quite common), the water contained in the knit is also heated above 30 ° C and the product shrinks in the same way as in the case of inappropriate washing.

During drying in a dryer we recommend using intelligent woolen balls to absorb moisture, reduce static charge, ease ironing, and even fulfill the softening function. They are also usable out of the drier so you can put them to a basket with laundry for a short duration, where they can also absorb moisture in the meantime.

Do not use fabric softener!

Washing in warmer water (more than 30 ° C) and long machine washing will spoil the product.
This degraded product can not be reclaimed.


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