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Salt Heat Pack with Hemp 800 g

Code: 19-00024
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This Salt Heat Pack with Hemp is great for warming-up joints, stiff muscles, painful tendons, and much more.

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Description and specifications Review

Product description

This Dead Sea Salt Heat Pack with hemp is great for warming-up joints, stiff muscles, painful tendons, and clearing a blocked nose!
Salt which is heated through is highly beneficial, it promotes circulation, helps draw out toxins and relieves pain.
We thoroughly recommend it for people who suffer from arthritis and have problems with cold hands and feet. It is also great when you have a stiff neck, back or muscles, suffer from knee pain or bronchitis.
It is invaluable for women who suffer from kidney or bladder problems, and lower abdominal pain. In short, this heat pack will bring relief from all kinds of aches and pains, just warm it up and place on the affected area. This heat pack is filled with natural crystal salt with added hemp extract. The extract contains natural substances that are highly nutritional and regenerating. Hemp has a strong anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effect on the skin. It is therefore highly suitable for people with sensitive, atopic and itchy skin with eczema.

To use: Remove the salt from the cloth bag, place in a microwave and heat at 750W for a maximum of 2.5 minutes. Pour the warmed-up salt back into the cloth bag and place on the affected area. The salt can be reused. It can also be used in a hot bath that will greatly relax you, boost your strength and supply minerals that help keep the skin moisturised and maintain its natural pH level. Such a bath is suitable for all skin types.
Using salt in a bath: Add 2–3 tablespoons of salt to a hot bath.

Made in the Czech Republic.

Weight:800 g


Ingredient Hemp
Type of cosmetics Accessories and heat packs
Brand Botanico

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