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Siberian merino socks 2 pairs gray

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The warm, delicate and antibacterial merino socks are made by the Czech traditional Vlnka brand. The non-strangling hem is also suitable for diabetics.


Siberian merino socks 2 pairs white Siberian merino socks 2 pairs gray


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Product description

Natural wool Siberians socks are made of Merino sheep wool, which makes them very warm, soft, adaptable and breathable. Merino socks have a adjustable hem that does not strangle the leg circumference, so they are also suitable for people with problematic blood circulation. Merino Siberian socks are very popular for home wearing, but we can recommend it for autumn and winter sports too. Sheep wool merino provides thermoregulatory, antibacterial and hypoallergenic abilities.

You will surely appreciate that Merino socks are made in Vysočina with a long tradition, where the emphasis is on high quality production. By purchasing this product you will support the Czech manufacturer.

35 % pure sheep wool merino - functional, fine, thermoregulatory, antibacterial, warm and cool.
5 % Elastane - to make the socks spring and retain the same shape
10 % Polyamide
50 % DrytexWool - Perfect combination of fibers for maximum lightness, comfort and protection from cold. Drytex contains a blend of wool, technical fibers and silver. It provides excellent thermal insulation and better performance and product life.

Maintenance - fine washing up to 30 °C



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