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Special hemp gel for vericose veins 100ml

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We strongly recommend it especially for those who suffer from pain in vericose veins and swelling.

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Product description

This is a special gel with hemp extract, which is designed for thorough treatment of the lower limbs. We strongly recommend it especially for those who suffer from pain in the varicose veins and swelling. Hemp gel uses the regenerative and soothing effects of hemp extract. The healing properties are due to the contained corn, arnica, marigold, rape, fennel and routine.

Cosmetics containing hemp extract are antibacterial and regenerative. These products are also suitable for people with problematic skin, allergy or people with atopic eczema. For their unique capabilities, hemp is often used to prepare preparations for the sensitive skin of babies from infancy.

Volume: 100ml


Type of herbs Cannabis
Type of cosmetics Ointments
Manufacturer Botanico

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