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Toy lamb Vlnka

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Handmade Crochet Sheep Cotton will be the best friend of your children, but of course you - adults. The Vlnka will accompany you on all the adventures and sorrows that will accompany you and will always stand by your side. It is made of high quality cotton, which is soft to the touch, so you will never give it out again. All that remains is whether one Vlnka will be enough for the family :-)

Toy lamb Vlnka Heating pad sheep Vlnka

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Description and specifications Review

Product description

Hand crocheted sheep is made in the Czech Republic of 100% cotton and polyester and its filling is made of antiallergenic hollow fiber, which does not retain dust and mites. The lamb is machine washable at 30 ° C for wave program.

Height: 20 cm

Make yourself or your children happy with something beautiful.

The Story Of The Sheep Vlnka

In our picturesque Wallachian region lived a shepherd, who had a large farmhouse with lots of fluffy sheep. There were perhaps a dozen sheep in the flock, all looking the same as the other. Among the everyday activities of the Wallachian Sheep was - to get on a huge meadow full of fresh grasses, and among other things, the flattering of sheep between each other was very popular, as they know that they have a beautiful white and warm wool.

Once a year, the shepherd drives all the sheep into the barn and shears their wool in there. All the sheep were very similar, both in appearance and in nature. After the annual shearing, they came out of the barn one after the other and proudly looked back at the pile of wool that had been sheared off. One day a small addition was added to the herd - a lamb that was named Vlnka....

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Category Children
Manufacturer Vlnka
Material Breathable textile

Vlnka brand

Because we value what nature gives us, the Vlnka brand was established in Zlín. It brings the joy and comfort of natural materials to all those who want quality, stylish products. Vlnka offers clothes, shoes, bedding and other accessories for the whole family, from babies to grandparents.

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