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Traditional Children's Bedding Set

Code: 9-00027
Healthy sleep

At Woolville, we believe that our quilt and pillow made of fine sheep's wool are the best children can have, as this material helps to ensure our little ones enjoy a great sleep.

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Description and specifications Maintenance Review

Product description

Children need a good rest and they also sleep more than adults. Enjoying a good sleep requires not just having a good quality mattress, but also a great quilt and pillow. At Woolville, we believe that the best bedding is made of soft wool that offers many benefits for a perfect sleep.

When choosing bedding for children, wool has an advantage as it is hypoallergenic. It prevents dust mites and bacteria that cause many allergies from thriving. Wool has many benefits that are important for children to enjoy a good night’s sleep, one of them is the fact that it’s great at temperature control. It means that under a woollen blanket, little ones will feel neither too cold nor too warm. Another of its many benefits is that it absorbs any excess moisture, which it wicks away from the body, so if your children sweat a lot, wool is the right choice for them.

By replacing a quilt made of synthetic fibre with one made of natural sheep’s wool, you give your children the best that nature has to offer and ensure a comfortable sleep for them. They will always wake up full of energy, ready for another day of exploring, discovering and other adventures :-).

Material and size of quilt:
95 x 135 cm
100 % Sheep’s wool
100 % Inlet cotton
Weight of quilt: 1000 g

Material and size of pillow:
70 x 45 cm
50 % Sheep’s wool, 50 % Hollowfibre
100 % Inlet cotton

Made in the Czech Republic.

How to care for the product

Items made of sheep’s wool are very easy to care for. Thanks to its natural lanolin content, wool can clean itself. You can help this process by giving your woolly items a good shake and airing them outside regularly. This way, the material retains its fluffiness and softness, while excess moisture is removed, which prevents dust mites from breeding. In addition, the natural smell of wool dissipates more quickly with regular airing. 

When cleaning wool, use only products specifically designed for wool care, such as the Lanolin laundry detergent. To spot clean, use a soft damp cloth and a mix of Lanolin and water in a spray bottle. You can also wash the product by hand in lukewarm water at a constant temperature of up to 25°C. Add a bit of the Lanolin detergent to the water, it will not only clean the wool but also treat it. 

After washing, do not wring the item, just squeeze gently and leave to dry, preferably spreading it out on a flat surface. Never dry wool on a radiator, and avoid direct sunlight. Likewise, never use a tumble dryer. 

It is not recommended to wash items made of sheep's wool in a washing machine. This way, you can ruin the item. Heavily soiled wool items can be taken to a professional dry cleaner. In such establishments, wool items may only be dry cleaned, without the use of water.


Category Children
Colour Natural
Season All seasons
Brand Vlnka
Material Sheep's wool, Cotton
Certification Oeko-Tex

Vlnka brand

Because we value what nature gives us, we have created the Vlnka brand here in Zlín. It brings the joy and comfort of natural materials to those who appreciate high quality, stylish products. Vlnka brings clothes, shoes, bedding and various accessories to the whole family, from babies to grandparents.

quality certificates


The Oeko Tex certification sets very strict rules and requirements with regard to the potential impact of textiles on humans and the environment.

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