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Unisex sweater merino KAMA 4091 - Navy Dark blue

Code: 5-00003-TMAVE-MODRA

The sheep wool merino from which the sweater is made has a natural antibacterial property, so even with increased physical exertion the sweater is thermoregulated and any moisture immediately evaporates from the body.

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Product description

We offer high quality Norwegian merino sheep wool sweaters. The sweaters cut is designed to ensure your body is best secured in the mountain conditions from a solid cold, so it has not only a highly warming capability but is also insulating. The overall structure of the Norwegian sweater is made of 100% Merino wool. Thanks to sheep's merino wool, the products provide thermoregulatory properties. With increased sporting effort, the wool sweater has a cooling feature. It is also suitable for people suffering from allergies, since sheep wool does not absorb dust.



SCHOELLER® is a world-class manufacturer of woolen merino yarns for sportswear and many other similar products. This Austrian company is a leading provider of yarns for Merino sheep wool products.

KAMA is a Czech family business that has been successfully operating on the market for 25 years. KAMA has been awarding quality products for sheep wool for many years, Knitted caps, Norwegian sweaters and Sheep wool blankets are their main direction.


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