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Warming salts Hemp 800g

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Warming salts Hemp has a beneficial effect on stiff muscles, joints, tendons and much more

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Product description

Warming salts, Dead Sea, is beneficial for warming your joints, vertebrae, stiff muscles and tendons, cavities!

We can recommend it to people with rheumatic diseases and colds. It can effectively help in case of blocked spine and stiff back, stiff muscles, knee pain, cold bronchi.
For women it is also suitable for cases of colds of the kidneys, bladder, lower abdominal pain. In short, the bag will relieve you of any unpleasant pain.
A warm bag is placed on the sick and painful places on the body. The salt bag is filled with a natural crystalline salt, supplemented with Dead Sea salt extract. It is therefore very suitable for sensitive, eczematic, atopic and itchy skin.

How to use the warming salts: Remove the salt content from the cloth bag, place it in a traditional microwave oven and heat up to 750W for max. 2.5 minutes at a max. Pour the boiled salt back into the cloth bag and then place it in the affected area. The refill should be reused. From the salt contained in the bag you can also prepare a hot bath that will give you the maximum feeling of relaxation, strengthen your body to deliver minerals, help maintain natural moisture and pH of the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

Using bath salt: Add 2-3 tablespoons of salt to the bath. By increasing the concentration of brine up to a ratio of 1: 100 (800 g of salt to 80 liters of water), an osmosis effect can be achieved when the harmful substances start to emerge from the body. 


Type of herbs Cannabis
Type of cosmetics Accessories and heating bags
Manufacturer Botanico

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