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Women's anatomical leather sandals "Alena" - Black

Code: 13-001800-CERNA
Healthy walking

An anatomically shaped insole to support the arch, quality leather, slightly raised heel and adjustable straps - these are the main advantages of these summer sandals for ladies.

Women's anatomical leather sandals "Alena" -  White Women's anatomical leather sandals "Alena" -  Black Women's anatomical leather sandals "Alena" -  Beige Women's anatomical leather sandals "Alena" -  Red
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Description and specifications Review

Product description

Which shoes to choose for the summer months that are comfortablelook good and are still beneficial for our feet? At Woolville, we think that these leather sandals are the right choice for the comfort of your feet. An anatomically shaped insole to support the arch, quality leather, slightly raised heel and adjustable straps - these are the main advantages of these summer sandals for ladies. The inner insole is also removable, so it can be well ventilated or you can replace it with your own special orthopedic insole. Thanks to the Velcro straps you can adjust the shoes exactly to the shape of your feet, so they are suitable for narrow or wide feet and high insteps, and in case of swelling they can be released at any time during wearing.

Alena sandals are lightweight, which many women will appreciate after a long day. They are also high-qualityfashionable walking shoes which, thanks to the adjustable straps and the non-slip sole, provide your foot with the right support.

Can you already smell spring in the air? And which shoes will you choose to walk through a blooming park? At Woolville we are convinced, for us these sandals are a hit for summer.

You can find the size table for our sandals here.

Upper and inner insole - Leather
Non-slip sole - Polyurethane


Category Women
Color Black
Season Summer
Fastening Velcro
Sole type For home use
What's my problem? Swollen feet, oteklé chodidla
Manufacturer Vlnka
Material Leather

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EU size In centimeters In inches
35 22 - 22,5 cm 8,66 - 8,85
36 230 cm 9,05
37 23,5 - 24 cm 9,25 - 9,44
38 24 - 24,5 cm 9,44 - 9,64
39 25 cm 9,84
40 25,5 - 26 cm 10,04 - 10,23
41 26 - 26,5 cm 10,24 - 10,43
42 27 cm 10,63
43 27,5 - 28 cm 10,82 - 11,02
44 28 - 28,5 cm 11,02 - 11,22
45 28,5 - 29 cm 11,22 - 11,41
46 29,5 - 30 cm 11,61 - 11,81
47 30 - 30,5 cm 11,81 - 12
48 31 cm 12,20
49 31,5 - 32 cm 12,40 - 12,59
50 32 - 32,5 12,59 - 12,79

How to measure?

Obuv na doma i ven

You can buy the same size shoe you usually wear from Woolville, because our numbering corresponds to standard sizes.

To measure the size of your foot, all you need is paper, pencil and a ruler. Simply place a sheet of paper under your foot and trace the shape of your foot on it. The distance from the heel to the tip of the longest toe is the length of your foot.

Measure both feet to be sure. Each one is different and, although the difference may be very small, it matters.

Use the size chart to choose shoes about 0.5 cm larger than the length of your foot. You need to leave a little extra room in the shoe so that your toes have room to move and the shoe doesn't squeeze them.

You can use the same measurement and sizing procedure when choosing shoe inserts.

If you are hesitant in choosing between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger one. And if the size still doesn't fit, we'll be happy to exchange the size for free.