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Women's "Milena" Wedge Heel Slip-on Shoes with Gel Insole - Black

Code: 15-000350-CERNA
Healthy walking

Our "Milena" slip-on shoes have a soft gel insole that cushions the foot with every step. They are therefore a great choice for outdoor use in summer, as well as for wearing at home or at work.

Women's "Milena" Wedge Heel Slip-on Shoes with Gel Insole - Beige Women's gel insole wedge slippers Milena -  Red Women's "Milena" Wedge Heel Slip-on Shoes with Gel Insole - Black
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Product description

Are you looking for comfortable and reliable summer shoes for everyday wear? Our “Milena” slip-on shoes have a soft gel insole that cushions the foot with every step. They are therefore a great choice for outdoor use in summer, as well as for wearing at home or at work. The shoes are very light, so you will barely notice them on your feet. The special gel zones cushion your feet with every step, which has a positive effect on your knee joints, hips and spine. The slightly raised heel helps prevent swelling. Simply adjust the width with the velcro straps to ensure a perfect fit, and if your feet swell, just adjust the straps as required.

These women’s slip-on shoes with a gel insole are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to the non-slip sole. Although it’s black, you don’t have to worry about dark smudges on the floor. The upper is made of high quality synthetic leather that is sturdy, yet breathable and soft. The material prevents unwanted stretching of the upper when worn for a long period of time.

Upper: Synthetic leather
Insole: Gel
Sole: Polyurethane

Height of heel: 4 cm

Made in Slovakia.


Category Women
Colour Black
Season Summer
Fastening With velcro
Sole type For indoor use, For outdoor use
What problem do I have? Bunion, High arch, Swollen feet
Brand Vlnka
Material Eco-leather, Breathable textile

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SIZE (EU) SIZE (UK) In centimeters In inches
35 3 22 - 22,5 cm 8,66 - 8,85
36 3,5 230 cm 9,05
37 4,5 23,5 - 24 cm 9,25 - 9,44
38 5 24 - 24,5 cm 9,44 - 9,64
39 6 25 cm 9,84
40 6,5 25,5 - 26 cm 10,04 - 10,23
41 7,5 26 - 26,5 cm 10,24 - 10,43
42 8 27 cm 10,63
43 9 27,5 - 28 cm 10,82 - 11,02
44 9,5 28 - 28,5 cm 11,02 - 11,22
45 10,5 28,5 - 29 cm 11,22 - 11,41
46 11 29,5 - 30 cm 11,61 - 11,81
47 12 30 - 30,5 cm 11,81 - 12
48 12,5 31 cm 12,20
49 13 31,5 - 32 cm 12,40 - 12,59
50 14 32 - 32,5 12,59 - 12,79

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Measure both feet! Each foot is different, and although the difference may be very small, it matters.

Use the size chart to choose a pair of shoes about 0.5 cm larger than the length of your foot. You need to leave a little extra room in the shoe so that your toes have room to move and the shoes don't pinch.

You can use the same measurement and sizing procedure when choosing insoles.

If you are deciding between two sizes, we recommend you opt for the larger one. And should you find out the shoes don't fit in the end, we'll be happy to exchange them for another size free of charge.

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